1. T

    Buying Android Mobile- 15k

    I want to buy a Android phone within 15k How is HTC Desire 620G for that? Beats Moto G2 in specs, easily Any new suggestions are welcomed. Budget: 14-15k Can't extend budget
  2. sling-shot

    Banking - Cards : Not happy with present PIN request at purchase

    Recently our esteemed RBI has made it compulsory to enter PIN for all debit card based transactions at merchant establishments. I feel this was a move thought of in a meeting room with complete disregard to the actual usage scenario. PIN is the one immutable, really secret data regarding our...
  3. A

    Webste Promotion

    Hi guys., I want to know tips and tricks of promoting my website so that I could get lots of business very easily.
  4. V

    Battery advice

    I bought a new alienware 17 yesterday :lol: I am worried that keeping it plugged in while gaming might kill the battery faster (reduce the battery life). The battery is not easily removable and the graphics and cpu are throtttled down when not plugged in. What can I do? Please help guys
  5. D

    VTech Talking Whiz Kid Device Screen Problem

    Hey guys, Its some decade old device but is working fine without any problem except for the dark patch in LCD Screen. Can this be repaired easily and if yes how ? I have attached the pic of the screen defect.
  6. Gaurav265

    Software to type in hindi

    friends,i want to know that how can i type in hindi easily.i have hindi fonts but it is very difficult for me to type in hindi.i want to know that is any software is available by which i can type in hindi easily....
  7. gameranand

    Corsair Vengeance 1500 Review

    Corsair Vengeance 1500 Review Introduction As we all know that Corsair is a well known company for PSU and RAM but recently they came in gaming business with their Vengeance series of products. I am reviewing Corsair Vengeance 1500 7.1 USB Headphones. As per the name this is a USB headphone so...
  8. ramakanta

    Menu Driven DVD

    i have lot of software, which want to write in a DVD . But i want to make a like digit DVD . Is Threre any procedure or software available to make easily DVD like Digit DVD . please help me how to make this type of DVD.. Thank you.
  9. gagan_kumar

    Merry christmas everyone!!!

    As I don't want that every thread in the forum us flooded with merry christmas post... I am creating a new thread which can b easily deleted afterwards... Just wanted to wish everyone merry christmas .... No other specific purposes....
  10. D

    Sata to IDE

    Guys are there any converters through which we can connect an IDE drive to a sata system. If yes then is it easily available in india?
  11. TheSloth

    LAN cable stuck

    Just few minutes ago I bought a LAN cable and was testing in my laptop, it easily got connected but now its stuck in the port. I am using a NP550P laptop. From modem/router it easily detachable but not same case in laptop. Any suggestions? I googled and tried solutions but didn't work. May be I...
  12. S

    which ram to buy?

    hi all,I'm finally upgrading my CPU,mono & ram(refer my sig). I'm getting i7 2600k+Asus maximus iv gene-z. Suggest a ram to couple with the above combo.Will be ocing i7 to 4-4.5ghz so need a stable & easily ocable ram. only 4gb is enough as I'm using 32bit os. TIA. How is this...
  13. rider

    1080p screen for laptop

    How to purchase separate 15.6" 1080p screen for a hp laptop? Specially the model LG-LP156WF1-TLF3. It is costing 11k on ebay (imported from US). I know it can be plugged easily on any laptop of 15.6" screen. Where to get in cheap price in india?
  14. S

    New pc needed

    My friend needs a new pc. Budget is 60,000. It will be used for watching hd movies and listening to music. He wants a monitor of 23-26 inches. He will need a cool pc as temps go easily above 40 in summers and he has no ac. Please suggest me the best configuration.
  15. ithehappy

    How to Bank Wire money to USA?

    Hey guys have purchased a product in eBay, the seller is from Texas, US and I will wire him. I thought it was an easy process and I will be able to do that from my Axis Bank a/c easily via online but I can't. Anyone knows how can I do that? I have two days left. The amount is within Rs.1 lac...
  16. clmlbx

    printer under 5K

    wish to buy Printer under 5K, My top priority over here is easily available and cheap ink, and need with scanner. I wish to print Ebooks so need affordable ink rates.. don't know much about printer, have not used at all so suggest me good one. no brand preferred in particular but should be...
  17. D

    Need help, making chart bar

    I have to make a chart (bar chart) for 30 people of 10-12 months. After entering all the datas and when i converted them to bar chart in the excel sheet function, i am getting very small images which is very difficult to see. This is mainly due to the large number of people, i guess. Can...
  18. T

    PC configuration

    Hey alll the techies out there ... Please suggest me a PC configuration for just educational purpose in the 10-25k range Please suggest the one easily available in delhi( nehru place ) :-):-):-):-):-):-)
  19. Tenida

    How to Safely Pack Products for Shipping; Also, post your pictures

    * Source *
  20. D

    Which Rom you use?

    Hi friends! Lets share which devise and custom rom you currently use, and talk about its performence! I have LG Optimus One and I currently use my own modified Gingerbread 2.3.4 based on Mik's unofficial port of CyanogenMod 7.0.2. The Rom is good overall. Its fast, Can be overclocked...
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