How to Safely Pack Products for Shipping; Also, post your pictures


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When shipping Electronics the best best ways to ensure that they are not damaged in transit - -

Small things which you can remember while packaging the material which i normally follow so that all the material i send reaches the destinations safely.

1) Shipping Motherboard/Graphic Card/DVD RW's, Processors -

Normally the above listed products come in a hard cardboard box so there's no problem with that, but sometimes u get Mobo's/Graphic Cards where the outer Box's are Big and the things inside the Box just keep on banging here and there which is not good coz these are after all electronic stuff which tends to break easily Image a broken capacitor on a Brand new Mobo or a Graphic card.....

So to prevent the above stated problems one can easily use things like Small pieces of Thermocol Sheets(Inside the Box if its not sealed), Bubble Paper (This is the best thing, wrap this outside the box so that the box can be used by the other person) so that nothing inside or outside gets damaged.

Now you have a Bubble Wraped Box , now cover the entire Box with a brown colored tape which you can easily get at any stationery shop and wrap it nicely all around the Box so that nothing of the Box can be seen.

Take a A4 sheet Print out/Ball pen (No Ink Pen or Gel Pen save it from water) the Shipping Address n Shippers Address so with the mobile nos so that both can be contacted easily.

Put this part of the A4 sheet on ur nicely wrapped Box and now use a transparent Tape so tat everyone can see the address where the parcel is being shipped.

2) Shipping HDD's

HDD's are very fragile as they normally don't come in nice Box packing or Plactic packing so you'll have to be a bit creative here

One can use a small Box like a "Box of sweets" normally you can get them lying around easily and then follow the same procedure sated above (make sure that you have a thin sheet of thermocol between the HDD and Box inside which ur packing it)

If you really dont get a Box still its fine keep the HDD on a peice of thermocol now cut the thermocol in such a way that the size of the thermocol and the size of the HDD is the same. now cut one more and keep it above the HDD and cut two long peices and place them side ways basically make a Box out of the thermocol it self now use tape and make sure the HDD and the thermocol are nicely fixed with each other ... now use the Bubble paper to wrap the HDD and then do the same as stated above.

3) Shipping Cabinets - -

Normally the High end cabinets don't require a gr8 amount of packaging as they already have nice thermocol cover on them which keeps them safe.

Now for the ones like Zebronics / I Ball specially the ones with Acrylic Side panels which can get a small crack too which is bad as the end user will not like to use a cracked cabinet at all.

One can get a single sheet of thermocol which is normally big enough and use it.

Normally the sides of most of the cabinets comes already guarded with thermocol sheets so just cut the Big thermocol sheet into 4 different sizes

2 - Size of the remaining space which is open where damage can occur easily.

2 - Size of the remaining space on the Top and Bottom of the cabinet.

Now place the first two sheets side ways covering both the side panels of the cabinet and use the tape and fix it nicely and then place the other 2 sheets at the top and bottom of the cabinet and use the tape to fix them nicely so that no damage can occur anywhere on the cabinet.

Now place the cabinet inside the Box and be sure that u use some amount of tape on the Outer Box so that the box remains undamaged during the transit.

Ok... that's all for today will be updating more in coming days so that no one ever faces a problem again while shipping and no one has to bear any loss ever.

These are just my 2 cents other Members/Dealers are also welcome with their suggestions so that we can help each other with the same.

Thank You

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This is the easiest to answer.


This is no joke/troll (again). It is seriously the best packaging material for any fragile item.

Just bubblewrap the whole thing over many times and put it in a nice box. Simple.

Thermacol balls are good after that. But hard to find. Thermacol itself can be used but not as good as above.


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This is to MODS :

Can there be a PACKAGING section inside BAZAR where buyers will update the photos of packaging after they receive the material.(As PIMPOM has uploaded the packaging photo.)

This will help many in getting an idea of how to make excellent packing for different components.


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Re: Packaging

OK, I'll start off with a purchase I made from avichandana20000. The items I bought were a Cooler Master 500W Extreme Plus and an old 40GB Samsung HDD, packed separately.

For the PSU, avichandana20000 provided an extra layer of stout cardboard inside the box. Inside that, the PSU and the connectors were neatly wrapped in bubble wrapping sheets. The HDD was wrapped and sealed in an antistatic bag and was then enclosed in thick multiple layers of springy foam.

There was some deformation of the parcels in transit, but this is not unusual, and there was no damage to the contents, thanks to the excellent packing.

Although this thread is about packaging, I'd like to mention that the items were very clean, almost like new, especially the PSU. This makes a good impression and induces a sense of satisfaction in the buyer.

On my request, the seller had also written "Second hand stuff for personal use only" on the label. This was because certain states have very strict (over-strict in fact) taxation laws regarding any goods shipped into the state.

Here are pictures of the items (I blurred out some areas of the address labels because they contain personal details that are not relevant here):



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hey guys, i have sold a cpu with processor, ram, motherboard, harddisk, dvdwriter and power supply installed in it . i just wanted how cab i safely pack the cpu to ship out of my city ?


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^you mean Cabinet? Just put it in the box that has come with it with the sponge pad or Thermocol structure.Pls remove the internal components and pack it separetly for safety.


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hey, i have sold a motherboard. how should i pack it for shipping. i am having the original box of the motherboard. i've got some bubblewrap too.


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Hi guys, how do you send items though courier service.

What the difference between courier and parcel?Which is cheaper for electronic items?

If i mention electronic item to courier ppl , they ask for more money even though i pack well in box.?What should i mention when they ask for contents /value of components while shipping?They add some extra 50 rs for non-document items in dtdc lite service.
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