1. romeo_8693

    mounting problem in DSL

    i installed dsl on my pen drive.the problem is i cant mount my hard disk wic has one ext3 file sys and another ntfs.i want to know how can i mount both these drives wen i boot thru pen drive in dsl.
  2. spynic

    DSL 502T Problem

    hey guys has ne1 succeeded configuring an http server with a DSL 502T router?? i hav tried my best.. cudnt get the port mapped.. i can only access the config site of the router,, tru external ip.. coz thts mapped by default.. i tried changin
  3. D

    Aztech DSL 100u (USB aDSL) modem in GNU/Linux

    Hi people, can anyone help me to configure Aztech DSL 100u (USB ADSl) modem under RHL,Fedora Core,(any release) or any other GNU/Linux Distribution? this modem was provided by DishnetDSL (now Tata Indicom).Please advice me how to get this modem work under GNU/Linux OS(Any Distro). Also...
  4. rakeshishere

    Total Newbie for LINUX:Plzzzzz help me out guys

    Well after so much reading posts about praises of linux in this forum and elsewhere i thought of why not seeing and trying this out...because i jst love seeing and checking new s/w,os,games etc...So i had many diff version of linux cd with me like fedora,ubuntu ,knoppix...But knew these were...
  5. NikhilVerma

    Internet Sharing Problem

    LAN speed converted to 10Mbps from 100Mbps Hi... I have two PCs at my home. Till now I had Sify Cable Broadband on one PC and other was not connected to internet or the first PC. I have taken new Airtel DSL Connection and now what I want is... 1) Keep Airtel DSL connection a PC and Sify...
  6. S

    how 2 share internet through dsl modem

    i hav a dsl modem, a d-link switch and 5 computers. i want to share the internet among 5 computers.pls give me the solution in details.
  7. lywyre

    Play MP3 in DamnSmallLinux [From Windows PC]

    I am running DSL on a system with no hard disk. I am playing songs in this machine by copying from a Windows PC through LAN. For this I have to get the file, store it in the RAMdisk and play. Is there any way to play the file from the Windows PC itself (through LAN). Also how can I browse the...
  8. LegendKiller

    Cool New Plans from Mtnl Triband

    I just checked out mtnl's website and they have launched a few really good offers.. I am forwarding you the links,coz copying it here was getting messy.. Link:Triband-Tariff The highlight of the package is DSL 590 plan which has speed of 512 Kbps with 1 GB limit,but unlike DSL NU plan it...
  9. I

    rasppppoe and wireless

    Hi all, I have an airtel DSL connection. My modem is a Dlink DSL 502T. My OS right now is Windows XP with SP2. I use RASPPPOE to connect to the internet. That is what I have been using all this time. I recently purchased a wireless router as I need to share the connection with my laptop as...
  10. yrana2002

    The best ispeed tweaker

    Hey guys! There's been thousands of softwares claiming to increase DSL speeds by 300% or so. Which is the best of them, according to your experiences?
  11. N

    HELP..... windows offline:linux unloaded

    hi people8) i need some help with my computer :cry: could someone be kind enough to tell me whats wrong????(and how to fix it) i had 3 partitions C: (FAT32 with Windows 98SE) D: (FAT32) E: (NTFS with Windows XP) then i wanted to install DSL( www.damnsmalllinux.org ) so i used the...
  12. Charley

    Onspeed - An alternative to high speed DSL

    Dial Up - 5x Faster, Broadband DSL - 3x Faster Revolutionary new technology. Easy to install simple to use For PC, Mac or PocketPC, no wires, no engineers, no hassle Works with any Internet connection in any country The real alternative to Broadband DSL. Why wait any longer...
  13. A

    SCHUDLE Download...

    Is there we can schedule the downloads according to time.. this will be helpful for triband users (DSL NU plan) i want to starrt the download only after 12 midnight..
  14. Gaurav

    multiple internet connections

    hello, can someone tell me how to connect two internet connections(one dial up and second dsl) to my computer
  15. I

    Is Modem required after router?

    I am soon getting dishnet dsl connection (business) and i am interested in the linksys-g router and adapters. Will i need the dsl modem or can i directly plug the line into the router and will the connection be automatically be distributed. If i still need the modem, then at what point in...
  16. K

    DSl woes.

    hi, I stay in bangalore.I am using Airtels DSL (128kbps).But the speeds during night time i get is in btw 4kbps to 10kbps.I know the speed is kilo bits per sec if i am not wrong,but then why cant i get more speeds than wat i am getting.Is there any software which can measure my download speeds...
  17. H

    Sharing a dsl connection

    ok here's an interestin question... HOW IN THE WORLD DO I SHARE A DSL CONNECTION BETWEEN TWO COMPUTERS??? :shock: allright i have my comp. on the 2nd floor and my mom's comp. is on the 1st floor...how do I share my dsl connection with my mum??? Do i need a new modem or do i need something else?
  18. K

    Broadband in Chennai ??

    Hi all Techies, As you can see under my Avatar, I am from Chennai and I am looking for a broadband option. I am living nearby Tirumangalam( near Annanagar ). Is there any broadband service in this area. How about the Cable Internet services and DSL services. Can anybody from Chennai...
  19. D

    Using GNU/Linux as Proxy server.

    Hi Friends, I need to deploy a GNU/Linux distro based proxy server in a CyberCafe, which has a DIAS(Cable Internet in LAN) & Dishnet DSL Broadband connection. DIAS connection connects to a LAN card by RJ45 connection & Dishnet DSL connects with a Aztech DSL 100U USB Cable Modem. I want to...
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