1. stellar

    VPN Software

    Hi guys, Can anyone have any idea about software similar like Hotspot? This is a VPN IP fixing software, which is great but the problem it is ad ridden. If u logged in with this software ad pops up. I have a DSL and i have to use this software to connect to VPN otherwise i can't log on...
  2. pradeepbp

    DSL connection problem in Ubuntu

    Recently I installed the latest version of Ubuntu. I used pppoeconf to configure BSNL's DSL broadband connection. Things were working fine till yesterday. Then suddenly the net connection started getting disconnected automatically every 5 minutes or so. After getting disconnected, automatic...
  3. R

    can adsl router be used for normal dsl broadband?

    hi i have a dsl broadband line with rj45 socket & a adsl mtnl triband. can i use wireless adsl router for both? if not which model will allow me to use adsl as well as dsl line one at a time on the same model? or will i need to buy two seperate routers?
  4. jal_desai

    They say my ADSL LINK has some problem....

    BSNL BROADBAND. They came and installed it one week ago. I used it tht day and by night the connection lost... IT NEVER CAME BACK AGAIN i called them. After a 100 calls they picked up the phone... and i told them my problem but they werenot able to give a satisfactory reply... i said tht the...
  5. nileshgr

    DSL Router setup help!!!!

    I have got a new VSNL connection with a free static IP. Now the router is configured for the IP using MER method in WAN. And there is my pc and my dad's lappy on the network using a switch in between. The problem is that when I access my server address itech7.com, it points to the DSL router...
  6. nileshgr

    Help!!! Urgent!!!! Internet Not Working!!!!

    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: My internet story- Internet was working in F7. I formatted and installed F8. Now I am unable to get the IP address. On setting a local ip ; i can login to the DSL router though I don't require it to tune coz reliance dsl is a...
  7. romeo_8693

    cant detect HD in DSL

    i hav a pc wer wen i boot thru DSL it doesnt detect HD.it works well in xp tho.i tried fdisk -l but its not listed.can it be bcos its SATA?wat is the prob and the soln....?
  8. Renny

    BSNL broadband sucks!!

    Hi, I have a BSNL DSL Home 250 plan connection, It works fine during the daytime till 5PM, but after 5PM it does not connect at all, The "DSL" and "Internet" lights not turn-on, on the "Power" and "Ethernet" lights glow, I called up customer care but they could'nt rectify the problem, I use...
  9. nileshgr

    Always On DSL

    I need an ISP who provides Always On DSL which requires no signing in or logging in or dialing to the server. It should be completely independent of such things. Suggest any one except BSNL. MTNL is not here in Pune. Rates should be reasonable for 150~256 Kbps connection.
  10. K

    Wifi Router with Cable & DSL Internet Gateway functionality

    Hi All, Has been long since I posted in this forum. Ok my query is, I need a WiFi Broadband Gateway Router which should be compatible with both Cable & DSL technologies. Currently I am using Hathway Cable Service where I use Motorala Surfboard SB5100. I connect the Cable modem to PC...
  11. gaurav_indian

    MTNL's(Delhi) new 2mbps unlimited plan?

    Just visit mtnl's site and look at the plan "DSL 949" :shock: http://mtnldelhi.in/commercial/broadband_tariff.htm http://img.photoamp.com/pa/07/09/07/ul4IIDAFKs.jpg
  12. nileshgr

    httpd as FTP server and DSL Sharing

    I have 2 LAN cards on my system. One for DSL and another for LAN (not setup now). I want to share my DSL over LAN. How to do? Also, for FTP server, i tried proftpd, pure-ftpd. Both failed. I saw an option in SELinux about httpd as FTP server. Please tell me how to make httpd act as an FTP...
  13. a_k_s_h_a_y

    help: hw 2 install GCC in DSL ??

    i want to install GCC in Damn Small Linux i hv installed dsl thru virtual box !! i could not install VLC player in DSL as it says no good or compatible compiler available now how do i install GCC and then finally install any program that i want ?? i tried to google but i did not understand...
  14. vish786

    dont install OS on flash drive/damn small linux corrupted flash drive

    U can take this as Tutorial for " How to install Damn Small Linux on Flash Drive " but i would recommend not to install any OS on pen drive. http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showpost.php?p=556554&postcount=28 after trying these various procedure... i could not install damn small linux on 1 GB...
  15. I

    DSL Line Speed ....

    Deall All, I have Small query. I have opted for a DSL Line from Tata Indiacom. How do I Confirm Babdwidh? --- 128/256/512 Etc??? Currently I am paying for 512 but i strongly suspect it is not 512. How do i check if it is 512 Line. (Other than Online speed testing tool) Max Download Speed I...
  16. joey_182


    hey guys i need tut on the following thing if available from u guys... well i m using Broadband connection of BSNL using DSL modem.... and same is used by my friend at his home... my question is can we connect each other's pc's to share files....using ISP and DSL modems we have...?? or...
  17. D

    DSL modem (BSNL) not installing in VISTA

    I installed Windows Vista Ultimate 2 days ago on my pc. Everything worked fine, got working drivers for almost every hardware i got, but when i tried to install drivers for my DSL modem provided by BSNL, VISTA didnt accepted it and gave me following error (screenshot attached). I hv this Huawei...
  18. ApoorvKhatreja

    DSL on Pen Drive

    I recently bought a new pen drive and tried installing DSL (Damn Small Linux) on it. I used this guide to intsall it. Everything was perfect. But DSL does not work. When I boot from my USB drive, I get the main DSL screen, where I press enter. After that it checks my USB device, tries to load...
  19. Manshahia

    Difference Between DSL and ADSL...

    Guys wat is the difference??
  20. nileshgr

    Auto IP in linux?

    Ok, its my mistake that i did not know that my DSL is not static, instead it is Dynamic. I had a thread Static Dsl Fc-6 Config=? Now, when i called my ISP, he told me that my DSL was not static. Static ip requires Rs. 2000/yr. rental. Now how to configure linux to obtain ip, DNS, Subnet Mask...
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