1. S

    Internet Explorer 7 Final Released

    Get more info at: Its much better than the earlier ones. It has Tabbed Browsing feature, phishing protection etc.. But the interface is best...By default it has only the address bar with some sleek buttons(Stop...
  2. V

    how do connect to net with cell?

    how does one connect to the net using a mobile phone. should one connect it to a pc or is it possible directly? and which is the best service provider in this regard. thanks
  3. virus_killer

    Is there any way to google for perticular extension file ??

    hi, just want to ask u dat if i want any application's of .exe or any other file, so is there any way by which i can directly get to the .exe file's page ??
  4. Pathik

    xp query

    suppose that i hv win xp pro installed on my pc.. Is there ne damn way to create a bootable cd directly 4 the core os without ne images or softwares?? Also wat exactly is the startdsk command 4??
  5. official

    Need Software for 6630

    I need a software which can place shortcuts in my mobiles desktop as in 6681 to directly access the contents.If anyone knows please help
  6. D

    browser close event?

    i m building software in i have managed sessions...i have provided logout when user clicks it the session will get terminated..but what if some one directly closes browser? so i want to check browser close event so that when browser is directly closed at that time i can...
  7. C

    any camcorder that can directly record to memorycard

    is there any camcorders that can directly record to mmc
  8. sridatta

    How to hide folder in windows XP without using folder guard

    frenz... I want to hide my personal folder from being visible to others even if they enable the option "view hidden folders" under folder options.. please suggest doing that directly without any software because i m vexed using those trial versions.. Thanx
  9. C

    Device which directly let us draw on PC

    Is there any device which directly let u draw on the PC ? Where would it be available in mumbai at what price ? Would the quality of image be nice? Which brand?
  10. K

    Run command for Pen Drive

    hi, Is there any "Run" commands thru which i can Directly access the contents of the pen drive. Thanx in Advance -keves-
  11. R

    Gmail & Outlook Problem

    Hi, there's no images in my Gmail Emails when I try to receive the mail thru MS Outllook. I can see the images in mails when opened directly from inbox. what's cause of the problem? can anyone help me?
  12. Dink2cool

    Any way to connect a cell phone directly to a pen drive

    Hi guys ... Today a question suddenly popped in mind and i thought that the forum would be the best place to solve my query ... i have a pendrive and i wish to connect it with my mobile ... is the any possible way of connecting both directly without the intervention of a computer ... if so...
  13. L

    mul. in shell script

    hi, i am writing a shell script... and in that i wanted to multiply two integer numbers taken from command line(during execution, i mean... with $a and $b) i dont know how to do this... pls help me.. coz when i put directly the numbers, it multiplies, but i havb difficulties when the numbers...
  14. anandk

    'folder2mypc' : nice utility

    here is a 335kb application 'folder2mypc' i came across. with it u can create shortcuts to any of ur folders directly in the 'my computer' folder itself and customize it. nice n useful check it out at
  15. shreyadr

    posting directly thru email ?

    is it possible to post message or image directly thru email in any phpbb forum. i know it can be linked to any online image but i want this special feature as uploading is taking too much time and many times my system hangs up.
  16. P

    Print Command

    Hi. I have windows 98. HP laserjet 2100 connected to my PC. Each time I give print command, it always needs to press button on the printer. Why cant it print directly?
  17. speedyguy

    Enigma Album...

    well is there any "legal" mp3 download site for enigma albums either free or payments made directly without using credit card or internet banking....(i mean if i can directly pay) cheers
  18. C

    FM PVR Software

    Cud any one suggest a FM PVR Tuner which lets me record broadcasts directly into mp3 with compression. :?:
  19. T

    How to transfer files in Nokia 6600

    Hi there, I would like to transfer some songs to my Nokia 6600's MMC Card directly. So, what I mean to say is, when I transfer files to my Nokia 6600 it automatically goes to the Inbox folder but I want to transfer the files to the MMC Card folder directly. How can I do so ?
  20. F

    Image files

    I have burnt few Image files on my hard-disk from some DVDS as they got scratched. Now is there any player through which I can play directly from the Image files.
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