1. akhilc47

    Lag only when connected through router ethernet cable

    Hi, I'm getting lag when I'm connecting PC to my router (using RJ45, not wifi). If I remove router and directly connect RJ45 cable from ISP to my PC, works just fine, but then I wouldn't get wifi for my other devices. This is strange since this setup was working fine until recently. I...
  2. V

    Unstable BSNL broadband in Mangalore

    I'm using 1091 plan in Mangalore, Karnataka with 8 mbps speed upto 60 GB. I get a speed of 6 mbps mostly. The DSL link is very unstable and there are frequent disconnections all day long at the most appropriate times :-x SNR margin (downstream) is mostly less than 9 and goes upto max 17...
  3. L

    solar charger

    I need a solar charger for an iPhone 6 plus that can power it directly from the sun with no battery.Does anypne recomend one?
  4. N

    150+ RPM difference in fans due to extension?

    I used two 3 pin extensions for connecting Fan 2 & 3 to the motherboard because the cord wasn't long enough and connecting directly to 4 pin molex made them sound like a jet engine. Why is there a 150RPM difference between the extended fans and the fan directly connected to the motherboard...
  5. A

    [root] StickMount app questions about OTG [Nexus 5]

    I am using nexus 5 32GB, wanted to root device for using OTG. Can I download directly on USB OTG devices, after using this app? Actually I don't have much space and have free wifi in school, so downloading directly on OTG is possible? Means setting download location to OTG usb storage and then...
  6. S

    bsnl 2g or 3g

    hi all. i am gonna get a bsnl sim for data access only. shud i go for a 2g sim and convert the connection to 3g later or get the 3g sim directly? could someone plz advise? i'm in the kolkata circle of bsnl.
  7. Ashokkumar01cbe

    Updating Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 directly,

    Hi Digitians, I am using Windows 8 PC, We all know that Windows rolls out its update to windows 8.1. Since I am having moderate internet connection with the speed of 50-70KB p/s, On the day after releasing the world wide update, I tried to update using Windows Store but after 58%completion...
  8. C

    After installation Windows 8.1 not booting

    I tried to install OS from several windows 8.1 iso (after writing them into dvd) but when all unpacking & installations completes & PC restarts one final time PC directly boot from windows 7 it neither show windows 8.1 option nor it finalise installation (final step where we insert PC name after...
  9. J

    Buying graphics card directly from distributors?

    Hello guys, I have a distributor from my city who sells XFX cards, and is offering me a heavy discount on the radeon 7990 graphics card, just wanted to know, is it okay to purchase directly from distributors? PS: how's the XFX warranty in india? heard there are tons of fan problems in XFX...
  10. P

    download a file directly to ftp server via VPS

    hello friends i am new to this VPS and FTP i recently bought a VPS server.. what i want to know is if i mount my FTP server as a local drive on my VPS and then if i download a file directly to FTP server issuing command from the VPS will it count towards my bandwidth of VPS server??? for...
  11. shreymittal

    WTH!! is wrong with my PC

    I don't know whats wrong going on in my PC please check attachments below Please tell how to upload pic they directly show pics not links Note:- Mods please move this thread to appropriate section.
  12. F

    Wi-Fi Router query

    I have broadband connection to my PC from a local ISP .it connects directly to my PC without the use of any modem .so my question is can i directly hook it up with a wi-fi router without an inbuilt modem for using the internet? for eg: (TP-LINK TL-WR740N 150Mbps Wireless without Modem Router -...
  13. Desmond

    Intel planning to kill of enthusiast PCs?

    Source : * According to this article, Intel is planning to release its future x86 CPUs with a design which requires OEM manufacturers to solder it directly into the board, directly killing the enthusiast segment. The...
  14. 1155

    Need a second hand/refurbished 6970/6950 for less than Rs 8K ?

    Hello, I need a 6970/6950 for real cheap. Now I need it only for app development and not for gaming. It will be stressed to its limits and hence it has to be in good condition i.e should be able to survive furmark in extreme burning mode for at least 20 minutes. It is also acceptable if...
  15. anky

    establishing lan network for 2 laptops

    hello everyone, i have a simple lan among my two laptops (both running windows 7 home premium 64 bit), but now i can only transfer files from one laptop to another's c drive only(users public folder), if i want to copy the files directly to some other drive(say G drive) can i do it? if yes...
  16. J

    Which Tab to buy which can play my WD 1 TB..

    Sir, Is their any Tab that can play my WD 1 TB directly... Like Zinc etc...or any other?? I wanna play my WD directly on to my Panasonic 40" Old model tv whic is a reasonable media player that can play my WD on it that too 1TB...Heard of Extreamer....Thanks Jsboparai
  17. P

    Which ISP to Choose

    also i need help from a genuine expert in chosing a right broadband provider in siliguri,right now i am using a dongle modem of bsnl in 2g network, and the speed is exteremly slow ,i have a max. dwnld speed of 17KB/s plz help but* i want the dwnld speed of 1gb/hr .is there any thing wrong in my...
  18. P

    hi ,need genuine expert help

    :cry::cry::cry:hi, i am aryan from siliguri, i need help from a genuine expert in chosing a right broadband provider in siliguri, i am using a dongle modem of bsnl in 2g network, and the speed is exteremly slow ,i have a max. dwnld speed of 17kb/s plz help but* i want the dwnld speed of 1gb/hr...
  19. X

    Help buying an external 1 tb hard drive!

    Hey folks! I just got a 120 gb sata 3 ssd ( Corsair Force 3 GT), and have been enjoying the boot times and the epic responsiveness of my system. The only problem is the size :C I really need an external 1 tb drive now, fast enough to play games/movies from it directly and shouldn't be...
  20. C

    3g Modem and ISP compatibility

    Hi all. What is the difference between buying a 3G Modem like huawei and using it with any internet provider and buying the modem directly with the provider. I mean in terms of connectivity and speed . If I buy directly from the respective provider will it have any advantage? I'm planning to...
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