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  1. A

    how to install fedora 3 from hdd?

    Any one ! plz does any one knw how to install fedora 3 ( which is given on jan 2k5 digits dvd) directly from hdd? coz i dont have cd-wrtiter! plz reply
  2. K


    :twisted: i have hp pavilion win xp home with p4 ht and when try to ,logg off or shut down or restart it doesnot take any actions i have to directly RESET my computer please help me
  3. Ricky

    Unable to print from IE 6

    Hi.. guys.. I came across a computer running win98 , in that i am unable to print directly from IE to TVS 345 printer, although I can print from other location ie.. MSword, text file but not directly from Internet explorer, Whenever you give any print the printer icon appears in the...
  4. D

    Office XP troubles

    whnever i unserted a hyperlink in word to say thinkdigit.com/forum it used to appear like this>>>www.thinkdigit.com/forum but now it appears like this {HYPERLINK "www.thinkdigit.com/forum"}. how do i change this?? it happens for pics i copy directly off the net. if i save it and import the pic i...
  5. I

    New New...... Opera

    Opera For Windows v7.60 b7141 Released : Internet Browsers NewsStandards support Opera prides itself in supporting all major Web standards currently in use, including CSS2, HTML4, XHTML1, HTTP1.1, DOM1, JavaScript, PNG, Unicode, and the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm. Search directly in address...
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