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  1. Cyrus_the_virus

    Urgent HTML help needed!!

    Hi All, I have been faced with a unique problem while i was creating a website. I have html and php pages. The problem is I have few pages which shouldn't be directly accessed. For eg: Page1, Page2 and Page3 Now, I do not want anyone to access Page2, and Page3 directly. Page2 should be...
  2. A

    bootABLE CD

    Hey Friends How Can I Create An Xp Cd On Which Xp Is Installed So That I Could Load From Cd Directly???????
  3. shaunak

    Start Google Chrome directly in incognito mode

    Here's a short guide on how to start Google chrome directly in incognito mode. 1> Create a new shortcut. Right click on the existing shortcut and select "new shortcut" 2> Rename the new shortcut to something cool. 3> Right click on the new shortcut> "Properties" 4> Add...
  4. B


    Recently as today i installed windows xp 2007 on my desktop. it went without a hicup. when i installed drivers from the driver cd provided by the vendor the lanuage which we view at desktop,anti spy ware "software doctor" have changed .instead of english it become thai which is very annoying...
  5. H

    Windows XP Updates.....

    Hi Everyone, I want to know that where are the Windows XP Updates saved after they are downloaded from the net. Is there any way i can save those updates' installer files in a different folder as backup? So that after a format i can install them directly. Because its really...
  6. R

    Nero file format conversions

    Is it possible to convert and burn a rm file to mpeg/vob format directly in nero? I m using nero express 3.
  7. mns.saraf

    ringtone directly to phone

    do any one know any site from where i can send directly ring tones to my phone for free.
  8. Plasma_Snake

    Quick fix for Hotfixes???

    Is there any site or forum, where one can directly initiate a FTP download for all Post SP3 Hotfixes for XP?;)
  9. G

    Windows XP shutdown

    When I start my PC, it shows me windows xp welcome screen after that it shutdowns directly. So what would be the problem.
  10. krazzy

    Blank screen during installation of Ubuntu 8.04

    I had ordered the Ubuntu 8.04 CD which arrived today. I was overjoyed to learn that there was an option to install the OS directly by skipping the Live CD feature (for people with 256MB of RAM). When I booted from the CD I selected the option to directly install the OS, upon which the Ubuntu...
  11. I

    which PC to buy.. ?

    Ok.. now i want to buy a new pc.. i have one but want to upgrade.. :) what to buy??? what configuration to go for or directly from companies like DELL?
  12. saqib_khan

    Suggest me a good linux live CD Distro.

    Hi, Suggest me a good linux live CD Distro. I shud be able to get the desktop directly without writing any command. I mean i don't want terminal. I just wanna get a GUI interface. I m thinking of Knoppix.Is it good? Will running knoppix through a CD directly take me to desktop...
  13. V

    Pen Drive As Mp3 Player

    Hi ! Is there any device available in the market, which can directly play mp3 music from my normal pen drive (SanDisk Cruzer Micro 2gb), just by plugging it in.I've seen a device which could play mp3's directly from a pen drive. It was plugged in the car's cigarette lighter slot. It may be...
  14. ionicsachin

    Overclocking abit ip35

    hi friends i am new to overclocking i ve read many many online guides to novice overclocking....i ve familiarised myself with all the terms and thr meanings.....now i m planning to give it a try on my e8200 on ip35-pro.... system clock is 333 i think....can i take it directly to 380 or 390...
  15. ajaybc

    Are these games illegal to distribute?

    I have downlaoded a collection of DOS games from the internet recently. I intend to create a website to distribute them. As these games are very old (many older than windows).Is it legal to distribute them directly?
  16. Cool Buddy

    From thunderbird to outlook

    Is it possible to import mails into MS Outlook directly from Thunderbird? If not, is there any other way to do it?
  17. S

    Where does firefox stores its internet files??

    Where does firefox stores its temporary internet files?? and how to read them directly?
  18. redhat

    Recover Data from NTFS Drive

    Friends, I had a folder in on my hard-disk which was protected by my Windows XP as a Personal Folder. After formatting my C: drive, this folder has become inaccessible because the userId's do not match. The files still exist on D: drive. I am aware of certain RAW Data extractors which directly...
  19. N

    Sp2 Or Sp1 Followed By Sp2??

    For Windows XP, is it necessary to load SP1 and the SP 2 or is it enough to load SP2 directly after fresh installation of Windows XP??? Thanx
  20. Gigacore

    Vodafone and Nokia to steal iphone's thunder!

    Nokia and Vodafone will try to take on the might of Apple today with the launch of two new music download services to rival iTunes. Nokia's Music Store gives mobile phone users access to millions of tracks from major record labels for 68p each — iTunes tracks are 79p. The songs can be...
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