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  1. R

    Internet On Galaxy S2

    I want to know whether i can share my PC Broadband Connection on ths S2 ? how can it be done(not talking Wi-fi) Also how do i download apps directly from PC to the phone without using phone Data services? please help me out.
  2. dashing.sujay

    Couple of problems/queries.

    1) I've created a dial up connection to connect from my phone. I've set the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + C to directly connect. But my question is how to create a shortcut which will directly disconnect the connection? 2) Whenever I connect the above connection, my PC hangs for some 10 secs, IDK...
  3. T

    2.1 speakers for LCD TV..

    Hello experts, Suggest some good quality 2.1 speakers for my Panasonic viera 32" LCD TV. as inbuilt LCD speakers have poor quality sound output. Speakers must have RCA input coz i'm going to attach those directly to set top box. Dont want 5.1 home theatre as it is already attached to My...
  4. W

    Directly MBA or MCA then MBA ??

    Hi Guys, a friend of mine is in doubt. He is currently doing BCA from Dayananda Sagar Institutions, Bangalore, in 5th Sem. He is in doubt as he wants to do, MBA on Systems but isn't sure if he should do MCA and then MBA or directly go for MBA. What do you guys advise. His 10 and 12 marks are...
  5. clerkman1612

    Are job placement center useful in getting a better jobs?

    Are job placement center really useful in getting a better job?. I meant by salary,scope n career.:smile: Or we should directly go to companies directly or at least through job sites such as naukri,monster? 3 years ago I was looking for a small job that time. I met 3 or 4 job placement center(I...
  6. power_8383

    Laptop HDD in Desktop ?

    Hello guys, I have ordered my new config. (Suggested by TDF members only.) :) I have a 320GB SATA 2.5 inch laptop hard disk, which I want to use in my desktop. Can I install it directly in a Desktop or do I need some sort of SATA 2.5 to 3.5 adapter ? I have read many people saying that...
  7. A

    Android emulator problem

    I have created an app for android using App Inventor, but I want to install it on to my emulator so as to check it out directly. Help me as soon as possible.
  8. bajaj151

    Safe to connect UPS with Inverter ??

    I have Microtek 800VA inverter. I am planning to buy double battery Luminous UPS (arnd 30min backup) which I want to connect with Inverter. Is it safe to connect UPS with Inverter ?? OR It's better to connect PC directly with Inverter ?
  9. webgenius

    XBOX Game controller for PC

    Microsoft XBOX game controller for PC for sale. Bought this a year back. Reason for sale: I quit gaming City: Bangalore Expected price: 1300 (Shipping charges extra) Warranty over Local buyers can pick it up directly from me. Saves both our time. PM me with your offers.
  10. J

    Download Youtube videos Directly without any softwear

    Download Youtube videos Directly without any softwear Click Here
  11. evewin89

    Connecting Speakers Directly to a Computer

    I was wondering if someone could explain to me (or point me in a specific direction), why it seems to me that you cannot hook-up stereo speakers directly to your computer (ie: connect to the sound card). I have seen numerous posts that indicate you must connect the computer to the stereo...
  12. jit_devil2

    powering the monitor directly

    hey i have a 400watt local psu with a 15" crt monitor......the monitor gets its power directly from the psu which has 2 3 pin sockets..one for the monitor and the other for the powercable.i was wondering if its possible to buy a powercable and let the monitor get its power directly from the...
  13. R


    hi ppl.... i have a linksys router wrt54g2 its a cisco based wifi router which i was using myself for connecting to internet using airtel broadband in bangalore ... i had set it up for connecting with wired line and wirelessly but now im shifted to lucknow here there isnt an option of...
  14. E

    Need help with Gigabyte Rma

    I would like to know if gigabyte has Rma in india , my mobo was sent to the vendor and it was returned without repairing , this time i want to do it directly rather than wasting time . any one having infos reguarding this please reply with the appropriate nos to contact Please help Thanks
  15. Techn0crat

    Should I allow my ISP to install hub in my house?

    I didn't know where to ask this question so I am asking this here. My ISP has suggested that they can replace the hub from current position (almost 50 meters from my house) to my house.He said it will cut long distance short as currently the cable circles entire society before coming to hub to...
  16. Flashbang

    Emulate cd-r

    Please suggest a software to emulate Blank CD-R in PC because I want to get some movies from my handycam and it burns the movies only on CD-R, not even RW or directly on pc.
  17. techking_dinesh

    Time for New PC. Help with Config

    Hello, I am planning to buy a New PC When : As soon as i m satisifed with config Budget: 50k a little plus minus will do Use: Hardcore Gaming , Graphics , Normal office work, Multimedia is common and planning animation in future Well current PC has everything working well but that will be...
  18. N

    MCSE, CCNA cert.......

    I want to earn the microsoft & cisco certiifcates without leaving my home. is their any online way to earn it directly frm my room???? reply soon
  19. I

    Req: help needed for removing multi boot options

    Req: help needed for removing multi boot options guys please help on a topic i hva C G E H partitions named now previously i had vista instaled on G and i have XP on H rite now.. i formatted vista's drive that is G drive. now i have just windows XP on my comp. on Drive H i get still 3 Boot...
  20. G

    Pen Drive Virus Solution

    Hello Friends, I knew that the all people really distrubed with PEN DRIVE virus which easily transfer in the pen drive/system. How to stop and delete before making changes in the system . I can read many problems about that. SOLUTION Here the solution of all the query is AUTORUN EATER...
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