1. jaya

    BIOS flashing 1004 Beta 001

    My Motherboard is ASUS A7N266-VM and BIOS Ver ACPI BIOS Rev 1004 Beta 001.I would like to know whether i can upgrade to BIOS revision 1007 directly. My processor is Athlon XP 2000+. Will there be any problems. Thanks in advance
  2. R

    LINUX Audio/Video

    Can't play audio or video in LINUX Red Hat 9.Plz name a player that can directly play audio/video.
  3. R

    How to load mp3 songs in 6600 directly to MMC

    If I try to Load mp3 songs using nokia pc suite directly to MMC it is first converting the song to wav format and loading it. How to directly load the in mp3 format only. If I try to load using bluetooth file transfer service it is first going to inbox. Although I can paste it using fexplorer in...
  4. M

    database connection????????

    please help me,I am doing a project on database management system using visual basic 6.0.........How do i make the connection between data object and the database directly without using the database name option present in the data properties box???I am using MS Access database.
  5. godsownman

    C- Printing output

    Hello, Is there any way to directly print the output of a C program from TURBO C . Thanks.
  6. shyamno

    Recommend me any Software

    Is there any software by which I can download the video as well as audio clip which is played directly from the browser page, so that I can see those later.
  7. Choto Cheeta

    ImageShack's Tools

    there r few vary cool imageshack tools available for download... one that is direct upload i have written earlier... but here is the full view..... ImageShack's Tools ImageShack QuickLoad v1.0.32 ImageShack QuickLoad makes sharing images as simple as the click of a mouse...
  8. expertno.1

    No Scandisk Taking Place

    if i directly turn off the computer and boot it again then the scandisk doesn't takes place why is this so about three to four times it happened yesterday that my ups went wrong and my comp was directly turned off but the scandisk is not taking place n startup * i have not tweaked my...
  9. G

    welcome screen of xp

    i have lost the welcome screen of the xp. now i see is clasic 2000 style logon screen instead of xp style.. and i also dont want to click on icon after i get xp style screen back i want directly login
  10. S

    bootable cdddd!!!!

    hey I've created bootable cd but on inserting this at the startup a command prompt screen appeared to me now how can i directly to my win xp startup screen ,I'm unable to do this plese help me
  11. expertno.1

    how to add a new search engine in opera ?

    how to add a new search engine in opera ? such as there is google,amzon,download,etc engines which have their place in above where we can directly search the contents without going to the seacrh engine site so how to add a new search engine in opera ?
  12. S

    yahoo photos problem

    well actually its not a problem ... i have some photos in yahoo photos and i want to download a photos in a album to hard drive with out doing it manually ..seeing each and saving one by one... can i do that ... what can i do.. i use some web copier ...or can i transfer the files...
  13. J

    Details regarding infrared device

    how much does an infrared device cost . it should not be connected through a usb port but directly to an infrared port in the motherboard
  14. K

    What is a hardware firewall??

    What is a hardware firewall?? Why do we need it?? How does it differ from software firewall?? Is it necessary if I use a standalone computer directly connected to the internet via Broadband/Dial-Up??
  15. T

    Installing Windows xp pro directly?

    I read on some issue of digit on installing windows xp directly from dos, I can find which issue was that. Can somebody please tell me on how to install windows xp directly from dos?
  16. M

    ** How can I boot in 2 DOS mode on a WIN 2000 Pro PC :?: **

    I dont wanna waste time n' boot in 2 win 2000 to execute a MS DOS application. Can ANYone plz tell me how 2 boot in2 DOS directly? Can I use a bootale CD 2 do this ? If yes how?? :?:
  17. hack expert

    iso images

    i have linux os instalation in an iso image so can i directly burn it on a cd and install or else wat have i got to do
  18. K

    converting.pdy files directly to .doc files.

    I would like to do the copy and paste method (into word document) by converting.pdy files directly to .doc files.? Can you inform me what and where are the copletely Free Softwares available from? And can you inform me about the details of the use of Adobe PDF conversion along with its...
  19. Dipen01

    Can u Help me..with this Bootable

    Hi friends.. I needed some help for creating an operating system bootable CD. Actually i have one Bootable which also has an option for installing Win 98 directly from it. I mean if i select an option of installing Win 98 it directly installs it without any hussle...
  20. G

    unformatted data

    hello evryone Is there any way that I can read a customer details like name, age, sex etc... from a .doc file and feed the data into a database directly.. all these is to be done automatically with no human intervention... can it be done please help
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