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  1. S

    Data recovery software

    recently my windows 8 crashed, attempts to access data through many live os but could not access data from 'c drive' (where windows 8 was installed), nor it let me to format with windows xp,7,vista and other linux os, finally i found windows 7 dragon edition (the customized one) which help me to...
  2. G

    Problem in transferring file from one internal hard disk to other

    Hi guys, Yesterday I bought a seagate 2 TB st2000dm001 hd and installed it with my existing 1 tb seagate hdd. After that I partitioned new hdd in to 3 partitions and trtansfer some data from existing hdd to new hdd partition(H:), then I installed windows 8 on new hdd partition. After successful...
  3. TheHumanBot

    [HELP] Choosing External OR Internal Hard Drive.

    Hello, my first priority is to secure data and i don't want one of those days when i wake up and data has disappeared. :D hard drive is for storing/backup purely for After Effects Projects mostly Video Files large video files. so should i choose Internal Drive for that or External drives are...
  4. I

    Data travellor problem

    I have 4 Gb usb data travellor. I cannot open o format it,shows msa "it is write protected" plz help me
  5. N

    [Data Structures] Can stack be searched or traversed?

    Assuming that the stack is implemented using array , is it okay to search or traverse the stack without actually popping the contents? I mean, wouldn't it defeat the purpose of stack itself since stack is a restricted data structure? Need to clear some doubts so I'll be very much obliged if...
  6. TheHumanBot

    [HELP] XP Use Profile Got Reset It Self

    a user profile on XP decided to reset it self and lost the data from Desktop folders. documents mostly xls doc files. system restore is not working. and yes, data are really really important and it's not me a friend did this and i have to solve it some how. data recovery process is progress but...
  7. ratul

    Ubuntu Forums Hacked

    Source: Hack exposes e-mail addresses, password data for 2 million Ubuntu Forum users | Ars Technica Defaced Website:
  8. V

    RCom offers 1GB of 3G data at Rs. 123

    Source - Thinkdigit
  9. The Conqueror

    Books for Data Structure

    I'm little confused on which book to buy. I'm currently in Semester -3 of Mumbai University. The university has recommended the following books for DATA STRUCTURES IN C : TEXTBOOKS: 1. Data Structures A Psedocode Approach with C, Ri chard F. Gilberg & Behrouz A. Forouzan, second edition...
  10. Subro

    Help required for purchasing data card

    Hello guys, Please help me in purchasing a new data card. I live in gurgaon & I want to get a new data card which offers decent download speed (around 10 GB / month). I can a max. of 1500 Rs monthly. Please suggest
  11. Ashok Verma

    DATA Card for Android tablet....?

    Hi frnds.., I want to buy a data card for my Android Tablet..... Kindly suggest me a good one that works on it.... Thanks.
  12. gameranand

    Recovering Data from a near Dead HDD

    I use 3 HDDs. All of them are of 2 TB each, 1 is WD Green Edition and 2 of them are WD Black Edition. One of the Black Edition HDD was gone corrupt or something so it was not able to install any OS on itself. And When I installed the OS on the other Drive then I was not able to get in the OS...
  13. Charley

    Transfer Data & Apps from 16 GB to 32 GB card in Xperia L

    How to transfer data & apps from 16 GB to 32 GB card in Xperia L ?
  14. harshilsharma63

    Internet Receiving data stops randomly

    HI. I'm using Nokia X2-00 to connect to internet on my PC. Sometimes, the received data counter just stops and no data is received. the connection isn't dropped as the ststus still is shows as connected and sent data counter shows data being uploaded (just 10-50 bytes per second). This is...
  15. paroh

    SSL encrypted communications intercepted and stored by PRISM

    www.techspot.com/news/53045-ssl-encrypted-communications-intercepted-and-stored-by-prism.html echnologically inclined individuals often stand out within their familial or social circles as a resource for the many complications that arise in our ever-expanding interconnected world. Generally...
  16. A

    How to connect Tata Photon Plus USB Data card on my Ubuntu 12.04

    Hi I'm new to Ubuntu, when I insert my Tata Photon Plus Data card, it doesn't connect to Internet. Also in Network Settings for Mobile Broadband it shows disconnected. How can I start my connection.
  17. harshilsharma63

    Store 1,000 TB on a DVD

    yes you read it right, soon you'll be able to store 1,000 TB on a single DVD; thats equivalent to 50,000 full HD movies! When this technique is publically available, I really hope Digit would still supply 2 or 3 DVDs :) Source: More data storage? Here's how to fit 1,000 terabytes on a DVD
  18. Charley

    Package File Is Invalid Error

    After downloading the app, it shows me Package File Is Invalid. I'm using Xperia L. I cleared cache & data from Settings > Apps > Play store Why ?
  19. R

    data revovery files show as 0 byte, how to recover?

    From my mobile micro SD card 98 files got deleted & I discovered only after 3 new files were written after that I stopped using the card & tried many data recovery software. 1. Icare data recovery Free SD Card, usb drive, external disk drive, pen drive recovery Freeware - iCare Data Recovery...
  20. A

    [URGENT] Recover deleted partition

    Yesterday I want to format my Laptop, so started VAIO Rescue CD and by mistake I formatted my entire Disk. Please suggest any good Partition Recovery tools. Its urgent guys. I lost my important data. Some info. Previously it was C Drive - 80 GB D Drive - 500 GB After format I created C...
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