1. sandyss

    How to move game sd data to external sd card?

    I have started this post because some other forum friends told me. Does anyone know how to move LARGE GAME DATA successfully to external sd card(micro sd) in jellybean 4.1.2? Link2sd has started to work for me but still i have doubts!All other methods fails on my galaxy win which is rooted...
  2. bad_till_bones

    UA32F4800A - 81.28cm (32) Slim LED HDTV, USB-to-USB Data Transfer, 800W Sound

    How is this for a 32 inch LED tv? UA32F4800A - 81.28cm (32) Slim LED HDTV, USB-to-USB Data Transfer, 800W Sound or any other good choice? Maximum range 35k.... (Already inflated) :cry:
  3. S

    Web Data Extractors

    Can anyone suggest me some good data scrapping tools to compile large amounts of data from websites?? I tried mozenda but i does not pick up data from certain points !!
  4. C

    UPS suggestion.....

    I wasn't sure where to post this... so I'm posting here.... First my configuration...... i5 2310 gtx 660 2x 4gb gtx 660 corsair cx430m Samsung 19" LCD...... stereo speakers, normal k&m, Xbox controller the connection's like this..... pc>ups(old, powercom)>socket>inverter Now...
  5. bhushan2k

    how to mount ntfs partitions in ubuntu??

    new to linux...having trouble in mounting drives..when i click on drive in file manager (or right click n select mount), it gives "Unable to mount drivename" error..cant access data not able to copy paste...see the attached screenshot.. thanks..:)
  6. harshilsharma63

    Backup Query

    Hi, I want to know if its sensible to backup the AppData and application Data folder. I do not feel/understand the need to backup these two folders. Please suggest if I should backup them and a reason to do so.
  7. H

    Maharashtra loses data of 3 lakh UID cards

    Maharashtra loses data of 3 lakh UID cards - The Times of India
  8. A

    India, micromax 352g dongle, doubt?

    i am using micromaxx 352g dongle for surfing. when i download or surf on internet then there is a lot of difference in the bandwidth shown by the browser and the one shown by the data counter software of micromax. such a difference is there in all the other models of micromax too(micromax 353g)...
  9. ssb1551

    Moto ATRIX 2 Data Connectivity Issue

    Hi All, I am back after long time. Hope all the old members are doing good. I has purchased a Moto Atrix 2 in Sep 2012. I updated the OS to ICS yesterday. Now I cant use GPRS. I check the "Data Enabled" option in "Data Usage" but the GPRS doesn't work. I tried using 3G as well but the same...
  10. harshilsharma63

    Help making PC disaster proof

    Hi. Today I met with a PC infection which almost destroyed my data. So, to prevent such mishaps in future with everyone, I want to make a collection of tools, utilities and tips/tricks to safeguard the PC from infection, to protect data in any sort of mishap, to clean an infected system and...
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