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Store 1,000 TB on a DVD

yes you read it right, soon you'll be able to store 1,000 TB on a single DVD; thats equivalent to 50,000 full HD movies!

Our work will greatly impact the development of super-compact devices as well as nanoscience and nanotechnology research.

The exceptional penetration feature of light beams allow for 3D recording or fabrication, which can dramatically increase the data storage – the number of dots – on a single optical device.

The technique is also cost-effective and portable, as only conventional optical and laser elements are used, and allows for the development of optical data storage with long life and low energy consumption, which could be an ideal platform for a Big Data centre.

As the rate of information generated worldwide continues to accelerate, the aim of more storage capacity in compact devices will continue. Our breakthrough has put that target within our reach.

When this technique is publically available, I really hope Digit would still supply 2 or 3 DVDs :)

Source: More data storage? Here's how to fit 1,000 terabytes on a DVD


does it work?? not tested yet. Any Pilots here?

checked the link, nothing too interesting or usable here.
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3D optical data storage was an old tech, but it didn't developed as much as the magnetic storage devices. when people moved to magnetic flash storage devices, manufacturers ditched researches on optical technology. Its glad to see that some are actually interested in bringing out this technology to the masses :-o


A single scratch and the entire 1000 tb gone to waste.. no thx from my side.. Online backup FTW

One of the guy said in thecomments:

With a petabyte to play with you could probably burn the same data multiple times in different CD sectors and lose 90% of the disk to scratches while still maintaining data integrity. 10% of the surface is still 100 terabytes!


Lost in speed

We can store entire movies ever released, in few DVDs.


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i think Holographic Data Storage would have been an even bigger tech from data storage standpoint, if there were ample investors.
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