Good ips panel LED/LCD monitor ?


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Hello all, once again am back for some suggestions from fellow digitians who helped build my new PC successfully :)

Im looking for a new monitor to replace my 17" crt..
I was suggested models like Benq g2222hdi & Samung 2222 -l/m (not sure of the exact model) but after doing some reading online & viewing comparison videos, I decided that it is either an ips panel led/lcd or I better sit with my crt itself rather than going for TN panel monitors!

That being said, can I get some suggestions for 22" ips panels ? Lets start with a budget of 12.5k..
Lesser size (20" - 21" - 21.5") can also be considered .. no restrictions on brand for now..

thanks !


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So all the other models also cost the same price ? The Dell U2211H & HP ZR22w being an inch smaller should be cheaper right ?
So should be the price of the Dell 2209WA which u say is an old model...
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