Information on home inverter and batteries.


Right off the assembly line
Recently I had purchased an inverter with two batteries with following details/configurations.

1. Inverter :- Lucas eLITE+ Digital Sine Wave Home UPS (1500 VA)

2. Batteries (2 nos.) :- SF Sonic Power Box PBX1350 (135 AH)

I had connected the above set-up to following points as per my requirement:-
1. Fan – 5 nos.
2. CFL bulbs – 6 nos.
3. CRT TV – 1 no.
4. Power point (for mobile recharging,etc.) :- 1 no.

I am totally naive in this subject matter, and had installed the above set up as per the suggestion of a close friend (who happens to be also the retailer from whom I purchased above set-up).

Now, my queries are:-
1. How is the above brands of inverter and batteries rated?
2. Is SF Sonic batteries in any way related to Exide batteries?
3. Is my batteries tubular or normal one?
4. Although, all the above connected points won’t run simultaneously. However, in case it does so; than what would be the expected back-up time?
5. What would be the expected back-up time if all the above connected points, minus CRT TV is run simultaneously?
6. Is LCD TV more energy efficient than CRT TV?

Thanks in advance.
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