1. sujeet2555

    monitor making high pitch sound

    bad week for me,now monitor is giving me trouble.i have lg700s crt monitor that is 7-8 yrs old.i had it repaired from lg service center about 4-5 months ago ( light was gone). and suddenly right now it is making unbearable high pitch loud sound.i keep my res at 1024X768 and 85 hz. i changed...
  2. arsenalfan001

    Need a Tv and a Washing machine - 25K

    Hi guys I am moving to a new apartment in Bangalore. So some new things are required there. 1. CRT - 21 inch: EPL is going to start and cant really afford to miss the action. Well LCD/LED is out of my budget. So, need a CRT. and 2. Washing machine - automatic:Will use 2-3 times a...
  3. S

    P4 pc + 17 inch CRT + UPS + Table

    SOLD locally via quikr This is for a friend. For a local Delhi based buyer only. Date of Purchase: 2003 (Warranty expired except on UPS) PC Config Mainboard: Vintron Intel 845 based original chipset Processor: Intel P-4 1.6 Mhz Ram : 768 MB SDRAM Integrated graphics RIVA TNT-2...
  4. C

    Need to build a PC @ 30k.....!!!!

    Can you suggest a system @ around 30k(Can max upto 35k). Basic needs are 1. playing game titles like crysis 2, assassin creed 2 etc... and also for games like mass effect 3 at the same resolution.. 2. watching HD movies.. I have a CRT monitor with a resolution of 1280*800 pixels I...
  5. T

    [BUYING] Speakers 2.1

    Please suggest some 2.1 speakers around 1.5k !! I prefer a wired remote but magnetically shielded speakers are needed because of my CRT monitor !! :-x Thanks !!
  6. R

    Is Gigabyte 460 W enough fr sapphire 6850

    Is gigabyte 460W (2.1k..:D) sufficient fr my system....???? i'm currently using "Dual core E5200 2.5 Ghz Sapphire 6850 1GB GDDR5 3 GB DDR2 RAM 2 Hdisks (Seagate 500 Gb SATA + Hitachi 80 Gb PATA ) No cabinet Fan DVD ROM Gigabyte G-41-MES2L v 1.0 Motherboard" and most...
  7. cute.bandar

    Is my Monitor dying

    For the past few days, almost everyday the picture on my monitor becomes like this for 2 seconds: after this the monitor becomes normal again . its a 6.5 year old LG CRT monitor. is it dying ?
  8. Z

    Help for viewing TV in CRT monitor

    Hi, I have a old LG 15" CRT Monitor, which I want to use as a TV. Can you suggest some good external TV tuner within Rs.1.5k to 2K, which can be directly connected to the Monitor without a CPU I checked in ebay found brands like UMAX, Zebronics, fronttech, intex, techcom.. within my...
  9. Pratul_09

    17'' Color CRT Working & Good Condition

    I have a 17'' Color CRT that i got with my branded Zenith PC 4 yrs back. Its Black Color working, in good condition. Never repaired or opened. I do have the purchase invoice and the labels with me. I would be ready to sell it for Rs. 1000/-. If outside mumbai then the buyer pays for...
  10. S

    17 inches Samsung CRT Monitor as good as New.

    Samsung 17" CRT Monitor bought in January 2009. The monitor stopped working in April 2010. The company has replaced the entire circuit board. Since the replacement took a long time, I bought a LCD monitor. All the parts except the tube are new. For sale in Kolkata only. Purchaser can...
  11. S

    ps2 or ps3 or xbox -- which one is best

    Hello All , i am planning to buy gaming console. Can you please suggest best console among ps2,ps3 ,xbox or any other. I have 29" Sony CRT tv. I have searched in google but does not help much hence posted here .. :).. pros n cons abt each console with CRT will be much appreciated.
  12. K

    New LCD Monitor 6-7k

    I got a new pc (except the monitor) a month or so back after getting a lot of help from here Now was thinking of replacing the old CRT wanted a 19-20 inch LCD .. any suggestions ? samsung b2030 or dell s2009w or anything else ? also , what can i expect to get for my 2 year old samsung 794mg...
  13. Tenida

    Samsung 17'' inch CRT moniter(794MG)

    Product-Samsung CRT 17" inch Colour Moniter. Date Of Purchase-03-06-08 Warranty left-About 10 months. Purchase Bill-Available Condition : Brand New Location : Kolkata, WB Reason : Purchased Samsung 22" inch LCD moniter. Expected Price-Rs 2500. Those who are interested can mail me at...
  14. ajayritik

    Need help with CRT monitor

    Hi Friends, I have a CRT monitor which is 7 years old. Recently it started behaving weird with the kind of display instead of square shape the display was being shown in hour glass shape. Actually when I switched it on a week ago I observed smoke and burning smell coming out of it. From then on...
  15. techno_adi

    Which TV to Buy

    Hi, I have to purchase a TV,but am not sure which one to go for. Can you guys please help me make a decision. I use TVs mostly for watching Movies, occasionally connecting to PC & games. I have DTH connection in place. I am looking for something >=26 inch Should I go for a Monitor + TV Tuner...
  16. VarDOS

    Dual-Monitor Problem!

    Hi friends, I'm helping my friend in his dual-monitor setup. He has the following config: PhenomX2 550BE ASUS M2N68-AM-SE2 4G DDR2 RAM HD4350 1G GFX Display's : SAMSUNG SyncMaster P2250 22", Old Microtek 17" CRT The SAMSUNG LCD is connected via Digital Connector (DVI) to HD4350 @ 1080p & The...
  17. K

    Display problems while playing games-Radeon 5670 and CRT monitor

    Hi, I recently purchased a system with an AMD phenom 2 555 BE and Sapphire Radeon HD5670 1GB card (thinking I would be able to play at least some of the new games). I have an LG 15" CRT monitor. I installed Zoo Tycoon 2 and Deus Ex 2 on my system and started playing. The issue I am seeing is...
  18. D

    Best CRT TV < 12k

    Recommend one and tell me which ones to avoid
  19. H

    graphics card for TV as second monitor

    Hi, I want to buy a Graphics Card and Cables / Connectors which will allow me to * run my normal Desktop on my CRT Monitor (17 inch Samsung) * send video from media player program or web browser program to my CRT TV I did some searching on these forums and found that TV resolution is low...
  20. sanads

    Lcd vs crt monitor

    IS that right that lcd monitor is not good for your eye:?::?:
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