CRT Monitor Problem

I have been facing a problem with my CRT monitor of 17 inches for the last five days. The problem is-

1. A bright strip of white light divides the monitor in half horizontally.
2. Only the upper portion of the monitor shows the image.
3. The screen is compressed to the upper half of the monitor and very wavy.

Now, today when i switched it on, I found that the monitor is working perfectly. What could be the possible problem?


You need to take it to a local electronics shop and ask him to RE-Shoulder the PCB.

Basically, shouldering on PCB has dried out.


BMG ftw!!
He I can't stop myself from informaing you one fact that these re-shoderings won't last much. My oldest CRT 15.6'' monitor died 3 years ago for exactly same reason. At first it started to give the same type of problem described by you, then re-soldered 3 times in next 4 months or so, and then I got pissed & threw it to the store-room.

Buy you ask those mechanics to re-solder it 'with care', and see what happens.


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