GPU for 1024 x 768 resolution ?


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I want to buy a gpu and will run it for 1year maximum...So suggest a good GPU which can play new games like MW3 without any prob with that resolution.

Here are my current specs :

17" CRT (1024 x 768 )
amd athlon x3 445 rana 3.1 ghz
2x2gb 1333mhz RAM
asus m4n68t-m le v2 mobo
250w psu


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You need to change your '250Watt PSU' before you can change the GPU.
Also do mention your budget.


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Get a Sapphire HD 5670 along with a Fsp Saga II 400w as your current power supply is too less for this GPU.


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@op please post your budget first, so that our members can give you accurate suggestion

There is no limit to budget for gpu.I just need a good gpu for that resolution to play games at max settings but not an overkill gpu..

How about the local psu for that card? Will it be any problem?


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@hari11 just go for components I mentioned in my earlier post. Will cost you a bit less than Rs.8000 total.


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You mentioned you'll run it for 1 year maximum. Now the question is after this period of a year, will you give up PC gaming or buy a new better PC?
If no more games for you, then buy what thetechfreak suggested.
If you'll be buying a new PC then get something of the likes of HD 7850 and upwards with Seasonic S12-ii 520 or Corsair GS600. While this might be overkill for your current config, it'll be very essential for a future build. So rather than wasting money buying the same stuff twice, get the better stuff from the beginning. I suggest this as you mentioned budget is no concern for you.


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How about the local psu for that card? Will it be any problem?

You can't run any Graphics card with your existing 250Watt PSU.
As you don't have any budget, a good suggestion from me would be an upgradation to full-HD monitor at the beginning and then change the GPU & SMPS.


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Guys budget unlimited means that he doesn't know how much will a good graphics card cost him suitabe to his requirements.

No need to recommend an HD7850 for gaming at 1024x768 however future proof is it gonna be. Its simply a stupid decision to buy that card and the result will be an unbalanced rig with loads of bottlenecks.

Here is what you should get for a medium budget -
An HD6850 + Corsair CX430v2 costing a total of around 11k

For something under low budget -
HD6770 + Corsair CX430v2 totaling around 7.3k

These combos will serve your purpose well and you can easily game at 1024x768 for coming 1 year.

If you plan to upgrade to an HD monitor later, you will be better off with the first combo I suggested.
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