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Need help selecting a credit card

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Count Dracula

Guys so I need a credit card basically for online purchases (mostly).Intrest charged must be low and no other special benefits needed.Actually im just 14 and im getting it registered at moms name and use it lol.Any bank is ok.(And im yet to understand how a credit card ACTUALLY works,most others say that if we take credit card hum lut jaayenge and other stuff,probably a site or something which helps me understand their stuff more properly)


Credit card is dangerous to have in the absence of fiscal discipline. To make a long story short, spending more than you can pay off. I've been with Citibank since 2000, started off with their Visa Classic card, now hold a Platinum card. Their service is quite good. Interest charged by all credit card companies is stiff, but if you pay your bills in time, no problems.

Count Dracula

Actually its for my moms use only but i'll just use for buying stuff online sometimes lol.Or is there any better method to buy stuff online, which is widely accepted?


Broken In
You keep saying LOL. That shows you may not be ready to use a credit card responsibly.

You need income proof and other documents to apply for a credit card.

If it is for your mom, she can get a card and an add on card in your name.

This is how a card is:

Credit card is given in your name.
There will be a limit for your card. Limit means the maximum amount you can purchase using that card.
When you use the card offline or online, the amount you spend will be recorded.
Every month, they send a statement showing how much you have spent using the card. There will be a pay by date. You should pay the spent amount before that date.
If you do not pay, they will give you hell.
If you pay, they will give offers so that you spend more and somehow you miss payment so that they can charge you more fines and give you hell.

So unless you need it absolutely, you are responsible, you have money to repay what you spend, only then take a credit card.

Its not recommended for fourteen year olds IMO.
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