1. D

    Galaxy s4 app crashes and wallpaper resets

    There are few apps which crashes after some extended use and then the wallpaper resets to stock one. I have rooted lollipop os. I have tried those apps on other phones and also on some custom s4 roms and it worked fine.
  2. ashis_lakra

    Rise of tomb raider TONS of freezes on GTX 1070

    Hi all, I've been trying for days to make the game run on GTX 1070 from low to very high settings on Windows 10 pro. It opens, then after playing 1 min or 2 min or sometimes just launching game , it crashes, when Lara dies , then the reloading is in infinite loop, then PC don't respond to...
  3. patkim

    App Store crashes

    I recently upgraded the IOS from 4 to v5.1 on my ipad1. Now the app store simply randomly crashes back to the main screen. This does not affect any ongoing installs but I need to restart the app store and continue again from from the beginning I.e. search etc. if anyone knows how to solve...
  4. I

    Random Crash on a 7850 GPU (Asus 7850 2gb DC2 V2). Help wanted !

    Built a New AMD based system, all components NEW,..except the Chasis/cabinet,periperials(keyboard/mice) & the PSU(Corsair VX 550w PSU) taken from from my older 5 year+ old rig Now the problem: # My Brand new purchased Asus 7850 2gb GPU card( HD7850-DC2-2GD5-V2 - Graphics Cards - ASUS )...
  5. R

    Crash issue with Sapphire AMD HD 7850 2GB OC Edition

    Hi, I recently bought a Sapphire AMD HD 7850 2GB OC Edition about 2 months back, I'm not sure if its the graphic card issue but it does not seem to handle a few games. The rest of my config is: Intel i5 3470 Processor Gigabyte GA-H77D3H 4GBx2 Corsair Vengeance RAM 500gb Hard Drive...
  6. doomgiver

    My STUPID OS (crashes, freezes, the works)

    This is mostly a rant, though i'd like to know why my system is crashing so hard. My desktop keeps : 1. crashing programs (i think its a flash problem) 2. BSOD'ing (not that frequent, more like 2-3 times a week) 3. Freezing (random freezes, 4-5 times a day) more problems : only 2.5 GB ram out...
  7. nseries73

    Computer directly shuts down

    Every time I try to play a game on my PC (like BATTLEFIELD 3, FIFA 12, etc) or on the net via FACEBOOK, such as zynga games like POKER, FARMVILLE, etc my computer every time shuts down abruptly. Also when I put my computer for full scan with KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY 2012 (1 yr subscription)...
  8. cray.x

    [worst] Blacklight: retribution.

    this game got a ranking of 7.5 in this months issue, but it aint deserve that 7.5 :-x, man the game is good graphics are good even the gameplay is good! but the user experience is the worst above all!!!! :shock: the game crashes every now and then!!! i don't believe this! if I'm going to the...
  9. TheLetterD

    App issues with the Xperia P

    Hello I am new to android and just got my Xperia P I had a few problems: 1. As soon as I launch FlipBoard, it starts blinking and a black screen starts flashing and it eventually crashes. 2. Angry birds space crashes as soon as launched. 3. *IMP* I tried to play some 720p movies but they...
  10. digitaltab

    battlefield 3 multiplayer crashes

    i have already installed battlefield 3 update of 3.9gb, but problem is the same, IT CRASHES in jus a minute i start the game.... multiplayer game crashes in 1-2 mins. co op- in 10-12 minutes. my system config= core 2 duo e7400 3gb ddr2 ram amd 6870 1gb gddr5 coolermaster 600w psu...
  11. M

    how to automatically restart explorer if it crashes

    My windows 7 explorer crashes frequently and then the system becomes very unresponsive,the mouse becomes too slow to work with until i somehow click on restart.Pls tell me how to automatically restart explorer if it crashes.
  12. Prince Sinha

    Cannt play games

    Hey guys, I am not being able to play many games that I was playing on my old PC. I have been experiencing this problem from 6 months. I cannt play the games like Hotwheels but with the same configuration as mine, my brother is able to play Hotwheels. In fact, I have 2 GB of RAM...
  13. NitrousNavneet

    Assassin's Creed

    I bought my A.C. and installed it . In first two run it was good , but now it is crashing , it crashes and restarts autometicaly . Help me.
  14. Goten

    Is Ur Cityville Lagging

    Yes for me cityville has started to lag on level 65. On Chrome....Cityville crashes a lot. Any suggestions to beat this ram hungry flash game. I mean to fix the lag. Yeah ram hungry....takes all of my 1gb ram which is 70% free on startup. 1 suggestion I read was pretty interesting to...
  15. sukesh1090

    crysis warhead crashing to desktop problem

    I am playing crysis warhead and completed the missions till frozen paradise and now whenever it loads below the thunder level,after loading 82% the game crashes to desktop.i applied all the patches but still there is no solution for the problem.i searched in google and found that it is a bug and...
  16. kool

    Firefox crashes while using facebook chat. [Any solution?]

    I have Firefox v3.6.12, problem is it crashes when I chat on facebook, its pretty annoying, it first hangs up..I'm forced to close it, any fixes or suggestions? os: Windows 7
  17. giprabu

    Ubuntu crashes when the gfx card is installed...Pls help..

    Guys..I'm new to linux.. My system is 5yr old .. I use Pentium 4 processor with a FX5200 256MB gfx card... The problem is without my gfx card, ubuntu runs fine .. But when the gfx card is installed, all linux distributions crashes with a black-white strips...This happens with all linux...
  18. J

    Windows 7 Crashing on my setup

    Hi, I have a problem (frequent crashes) with my newly assembled system with Windows 7 64-bit, I have the following config, AMD Phenom II 955 Processor MSI DKA790GX platinum 4 GB RAM Seagate 500 GB SATA HDD CM 690 Corsair 500 W SMPS Microsoft Wireless Keyboard/Mouse. Connected via...
  19. Raptor1989

    Laptop problem

    My friend has a HP 520 laptop. Recently, it is giving some problem. This problem is not frequent but occurs randomly each day. System disk or disk error Replace and strike any key.... This screen appears after the laptop crashes and is rebooted. All HDD diagnostic tests available from the BIOS...
  20. A

    Firefox crashes

    I have a hp pavillion dv2000 series laptop with windows vista genuine home premium . Most of the times the new firefox crashes when i try to play video on you tube or some other site like this whch has videos embedded in it . This problem i have encountered on many other computers including...
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