1. A

    Optimum length of ethernet cable after fibre to ethernet media converter?

    Hello everyone, I am changing my ISP and they use fiber based line. I have used fiber based connection previously but this time I have to use about 40 feet of ethernet cable after media converter. So, I want to know whether this would affect any performance?
  2. J

    What clip converter do you use for video clips

    I want to know about the best clip converter software which allows to convert video clips into multiple video formats. Please suggest me a free clip converter for my video conversion.
  3. sam9953

    Converter for Micro HDMI (Male) to HDMI (Male) cable?

    Hi guys, I use to own an Xperia S and my phone was stolen buy some nitwit and now I am left with Mini HDMI (Male) to HDMI (Male) cable, does anyone of you know a suitable adapter or converter so that one end has a Mini HDMI (female) port and the other end has the usual android phone charging port?
  4. M

    Need a good MP4 to MP3 converter - without a comp toolbar!

    I looked for a MP4 to MP3 converter on various software download sites and downloaded a few of them. But when I install them, each and every one of them has something that comes with it - and mandatory. The ones that I downloaded did not have an option to uncheck the box and install the...
  5. tanmaymohan

    Best converter

    I love to record gameplays of my favourite games to upload them to youtube but the problem is the heavy file size of the video fraps records. 2gb for 2min. So is there any converter or a specific codec in which I can encode the video so that it doesnt misses out on quality and size is also...
  6. ramakanta

    .JPG to TIFF Converter

    I search in internet for .JPG to .TIFF Converter . finally confused . need suggestion for best of best software . thank you .
  7. R

    Need DAC under 5k?

    Sorry Guyz I know their is already thread for DAC but my need are different. I Want to Connect my Latest HDTV which has only Digital Optical Out to transfer sound but I have old Stereo Amplifier which only supports Analog Input . so i was making my mind to Buy DAC. i was looking on this website...
  8. R

    Best DAC under 5k

    Please Suggest me best DAC(Digital to Analog Converter) . I want to Connect My HDTV with Old Stereo Amplifier with help of DAC..please Wuld u Suggest me any good DAC under 5k? .Im searching on this website since its an only indian website where their are good DAC are available? Search - DAC
  9. ramakanta

    SATA/PATA/IDE Drive to USB Converter

    I want buy a SATA/PATA/IDE to USB Adapter Converter. need advise . and where to buy this one ??? :cry:
  10. R

    Back2School Giveaway:Free Video Converter Pro(Win+Mac) @Leawo

    Get the free license of Leawo Video Converter Pro for both Win and Mac. Back2School PWYW 6 apps Bundle & Giveaway Video Converter Pro for Win&Mac! Get it from here: Features of Video converter pro: Convert videos and dvd in 180+ formats Edit DVD/videos via the internal video...
  11. D

    Help needed with SATA/IDE Coverter

    I recently purchased a SATA/IDE converter so I can connect my IDE HDD to my pc which only has SATA ports However after making the requisite connection & powering on, it is not detecting the drive. The status light on the converter is on & the drive is spinning. I even tried switching the...
  12. shreeux

    Best Mkv to avi Converter?

    In my dvd player (Philips dvp5150 dvd player) support only Divx format only, My all downloaded movies in mkv and mp4 formats, I am already used Format Factory,Wondershare not satisfied with this software, While playing in dvd struck up and sometimes Reading index error. KIndly advice best...
  13. L

    [Free License] WinX Mobile Video Converter (till June 30th) is giving away WinX Mobile Video Converter from now to June 30th, 2013. The software is specially designed video converter and originally sold at $49.95, now it is totally Free! Here is your free license: WinX Mobile Video Converter Giveaway License number:BW-EMVNELNQ-MOCFEX (not...
  14. TechnoHolic

    2 Pin To 3 Pin Converter

    I need a two pin to three pin converter socket..From where in chandni i can get this.. Actually problems are coming from my Monitor/Printer..I can feel little electric shock from these..Because there is a two pin socket in these devices..NO GROUND. Also i would be grateful if someone check...
  15. S

    Need an LED 42", smart tv + 3D + @Dto3D converter for around 55k

    Looking out to buy an LED around 42"tv this diwali. checked out some stores and liked Videocon VJF42PA-XS. gettin it for 55k Smart tv, 3D, 2Dto3D converter, Built in setop box, 3D gogs without battery and charging, 4 GOGS included. WiFi dongle included. How good is this one? in terms of...
  16. T

    Best Free Video Editor and Convertor

    Can anyone tell me which is the best free video editor and converter out there?
  17. M

    required serial key for avs video converter

    Help me guys to activate my avs video converter ...... version
  18. digit06


    where will i get a agp to pci e converter please tell me if it there or not!
  19. aaruni

    IDE to USB

    Hey Guys, I have two old samsung IDE drives (40GB and 80GB) with stuff in it, and i no longer have a PC. Is there any way in which i can access the data in it by a USB converter or something?
  20. S

    Need a Sata to USB Converter for my Dell XPS 15

    Hello All.. I need a Sata to USB converter,i need to transfer some of the important files&folders in my Laptop.So is there any converter for my internal Sata HDD(Segate 1.5TB)that will convert sata to USB,please help.
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