[Tutorial] How to Migrate from Prepaid Airtel 3G to 4G (LTE)


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Hello Guys,
Here is a simple tutorial on how to migrate your Prepaid Airtel 2G/3G connect to Prepaid 4G connection. All existing 3G data plans work in 4G also.In fact there is no prepaid 4G data plans.

Item Checklist.

1. 4G LTE based phone. (2300MHz TD-LTE Band)
2. Your existing Active SIM card in a phone(your 4G phone is also fine)
3. One Passport size Photo.
4. Address/ID Proof copy. (Make sure your photo on the ID is clear)
5. Rs. 50 for the payment for new SIM.

1. Visit your nearest Airtel showroom with all the above mentioned items.
2. Visit the self service Airtel KIOSK in the showroom.
a. Select Prepaid in the menu
b. Select SIM SWAP
c. Enter your phone number
d. Get the token/waiting list number
e. Wait till your token is called out
3. Approach the Counter when your token is called out.
4. Mention "I would like to swap my prepaid 3G SIM to a prepaid 4G SIM"
5. SIM Swap Process Starts (can take up to 15 mins to complete)
a. The CC rep mentions a SIM number.
b. Use your existing phone to send the following SMS
c. Send 4GSIMSWAP NEW_SIM_NUMBER to 121 (Ex 4GSIMSWAP 12345678912345)
d. Wait for "Reply 1 to Proceed" message
e. Send 1 to 121
f. If this fails then repeat the steps
6. If Point #5 fails then you need to submit your photo and documents (reffer checklist) to them. Fill the connection form out.
7. The CC rep hand your over your brand new 4G SIM Card.
8. Pay Rs. 50 for the new SIM Card.
9. The Activation process takes up to one hour to complete.
10. Once activated, your old SIM card will no longer work.
11. Insert your 4G SIM in your 4G Phone.
12. Set Network mode to LTE.
13. Recharge with what ever 3G data pack you seem fit for your consumption.
14. Enjoy the awesome 4G speed.

NOTE: The reason I wrote this tutorial is because the Airtel Customer Care representative will do everything to convince you that 4G prepaid is not possible and you can only go for 4G post paid connection. IT IS A LIE. Don't take no for a answer. All prepaid plans are mentioned in the Airtel.in website. So they are just bluffing you to get a postpaid connection.
Also note that the CC will ask your for ID/Address proof etc. Just say I want to try 4GSIMSWAP process first (Ref #5) if it fails then I will fill out the form.

I hope this tutorial will ensure that you can get your 4G connection with ease.
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