Use another computer's VPN connected to same network.


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I'll try to be as simple as possible:

In my office, we have a 2 mpbs BSNL connection, and we use it over Wifi. Since a lot of people are using it, all of us get very low speeds.

There is another BSNL 2 mpbs connection which is a VPN line, which is on the floor below us, and it is connected to only one computer, and that computer is idle most of the time, so that connection is hardly used.

Once I connected my laptop by Wifi, in the Network section of Explorer, I can see all the computers connected to the network, even the VPN one. They are all somehow connected to each other.

I connect my laptop to the BSNL router (it was supplied by BSNL, and has the numbers AN1020-21 at the top), which then connects to a hub or whatever its called (D-Link DES 1016-A), which has a lot of wires connected to it. Is it possible for me to connect by Wifi (using the BSNL router and the D-Link hub) to that VPN connection and use its internet connection?

If there is anything to check or find out, I'll do it. Please note, I hardly have any experience with networking.

Thanks. :D
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