Sharing a Wifi connection after passing through VPN


I am using my mobile 3G connection to connect to PC and then I need to start a VPN to get specific country IP. Now If I want to use same country IP connection on my other PC then it connect with India IP

This is the procedure I need to follow

- Connect mobile 3G to PC (through Wifi or tethering).. I can use a data card as well
- Connect VPN
- Browse

Now when I share my PC Wifi with other PC (mHotspot) then it connect using my India IP (Mobile IP)

What I want is share my Net connection after passing through VPN else I'll have to purchase another VPN account to browse on other PC

Please help me get this configured


try this:
Thanks a lot, I got it configured with mHotspot though, Its very easy just select Local network instead 3G network (in my case Idea 3G) and it will make a hotspot to share internet after passing through VPN.
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