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  1. H

    HELP!!! configure a mid range gaming pc under 20k

    hey guys, please help me configure a desktop pc under 20k, stretchable to 25k. I need the system to be really fast and for some gaming. Configure excluding monitor,keyboard, mouse, dvd drive.
  2. G

    Help Me to configure a Gaming PC

    I want to configure a Pc(except monitor) under 18k... please help.....
  3. deathofe

    Configure Wine on SUSE 11 - Wine 1.1.18

    Hi, I am using Open SUSE 11 on my desktop. I installed Wine ver. 1.1.18 and now may I know how to configure it? PLZ help fast.
  4. bravo007

    Help me to configure new PC ( 20k-25k)

    Hello Friends !!!!!:smile: I am planning to buy new desktop PC. My budget is around 20k- 25k. Plzz help me to configure my PC with latest H/Ws in order to make it high performance PC.(Beast for multimedia, gaming, storage, speed ):-P Should i go for assembled PC or branded PC( if branded Plzz...
  5. Plasma_Snake

    Express Gate anyone???

    I've ASUS P5QC, wanna configure my BSNL connection in it? Anybody knows how?
  6. dinesh_ddt

    Configure Hathway in Ubuntu 8.10

    Can anyone help me to configure hathway in ubuntu?? i tried several times.. im not getting it right..!! :-x:-x plz help ne1..!!:-(
  7. toofan

    Connecting Two PC for Playing COD 5 in LAN

    Hello Friends, I want to connect two PC's to Play the gamming in LAN with my bro. How can I connect the two PC's. I have one router available. + two cables which are used to connect PC to the Broadband modem. And Please also tell me the steps to configure the XP in both PC for using it...
  8. Skud

    How to configure GPRS?

    Hi I have a Nokia 7210 supernova and an airtel connection. i want to configure it for gprs. plz tell me the steps. thanks...
  9. A

    configure hotmail help

    any body help me to configure my system for hot mail and other mail........ i'm using xp,updated with servicepack3
  10. J

    How to configure dialup connection in openSUSE11.0

    I am using d-link internal modem (56k) in my dual booting (winxp/openSUSE11.0) compaq presario 1105IL system. I want to configure dial-up connection in openSUSE11.0 with my internal modem. Anybody please guide........
  11. M

    How to configure ZTE modem supplied by bsnl

    I am currently accessing net through easy dialer but i want to connet to internet without use of any software.Anybody please tell me how to configure the ZTE modem and is there any way that everytime i switch on the modem,the internet will be connected automatically.
  12. GeekyBoy

    BSNL Nokia Siemens c2110 configuration:help !!

    One of my friends applied for a BSNL BROADBAND connection and at last got his username and password. He wants to connect the modem(Nokia Siemens C2110) via Ethernet port(LAN) but doesn't know how to configure the modem. I tried briefing him about the settings in but it turned out...
  13. Dr.tweaker

    how to configure the bsnl broadband internet

    hi,i have bsnl broadband in my home.the service personnel from bsnl came to my place to configure it and configured it.now i need to format my computer.after formatting i will have to set up the connection manually again.can any one help me out by giving a simle step by step guide on how to...
  14. sravan

    setting up smtp servers

    Plz tell me how to install a smtp server in the system. Tell me about one server and how to configure it so as to send mails through it plz its urgent..........
  15. C

    Why I feel AVG 8.0 is better than Avast! 4.8

    Until now, if anyone asked me for my free antivirus recommendation, then I’d happily direct them to www.avast.com but now it’s different. Previously, among free antivirus software, Avast! ruled the roost. But now, both Avast! and AVG have released their latest versions. Avast! Home 4.8 and AVG...
  16. abhinandh

    The Scripts Shrine

    The place to post all useful linux scripts which make everyday tasks easier. lemme first start by posting two scripts which myself and ray|raven made(while on the irc :D ) NOTE: Both the scripts have zenity as their dependancy for the gui IMAGESHACK IMAGE UPLOAD one click upload to...
  17. S

    Vista Tips

    Hi, I have some questions related to vista. 1) What is the most convienient way to shut down vista? Can I make a batch file and place it into on of my index locations and then I just type its name and hit enter and vista will shut down? My keyboard has a sleep buttong, on xp I could...
  18. D

    Configuring web server in Fedora...

    Can anybody tell me ... how i can configure apache web server in fedora 9....
  19. I

    configuring bsnl broadband

    hi, I hav applied to the dataone connection from bsnl. I have the Siemens gigaset se568 adsl modem from etisalat. Can anyone help me how to configure it for bsnl in Kerala with the modem I described above????? ABHISHEK.
  20. Plasma_Snake

    PPPoE Configuration in Open SUSE

    I'm a Linux N00b and recently installed Open SUSE 10.3. I've a BSNL 512Kbps UL plan and need to configure the PPPoE connection in it. Please tell me the detailed procedure to do so.:(
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