1. T

    How to configure TPlink w8968 for alliance cable broadband in kolkata

    hi.. i bought tplink w8968 for alliance broadband, as the sales person at the shop told me that it supports telephone line broadband and cable broadband i bought it but now i'm unable to configure it to connect with alliance broadband.allaince bb provided me ip address,gateway &...
  2. A

    Need help to configure Cyberoam cr15i firewall.

    Hi guys till date I never configure any firewall (hardware base) & now iwanted to configure one Cyberoam cr15i firewall on one of my client office. So if any one could help me regarding the same by providingvideo or any configure step by step documents then it really help me. Thanks in advance.
  3. M

    InInterfacing Phone(Xolo Q700) WI-FI with Laptop WIFI.

    II am using windows 7 OS on my Asus EePC. Both are having wifi.but i am unable to interface both to exchange data. plese guide me how to configure the interfacing. phone have androide 4.2.1 thanks in advance..
  4. jiteshbhimani

    3G Router

    Hey Friends - I'm looking to purchase 3G WiFi router. Please let me know which are the brands I should look for: D-Link, TP-Link, ASUS,..... I'm using MTS dongle and Huawei E303C (GSM) so it should support at least both these modems. Points to note: 1) It should have good coverage. 2) It...
  5. R

    QoS Configuration - Help needed!

    Hey guys, So like I'm trying to configure QoS on my Airtel Beetel 420 BXI and not much is given about the settings for this one on the net. Also, tried calling airtel, no use lol. Basically I want to limit the bandwidth per local IP. I heard we can do it with the help of QoS. So if I got 2...
  6. K

    How to configure ADSL router (semindia) for Airtel Broadband

    Dear Friends, I use Airtel Broadband in Mumbai. The router provided by them is ADSL router (Beetel) and does not support WiFi connections. I would like to use my airtel broadband connection for tablet/ laptop and have got a spare semindia wifi router. However, I am not able to configure...
  7. R

    Windows 8 problems

    I have installed windows 8 pro, whenever I install or uninstall any programs and when I restart to make it effect, the screen is showing that the os has failed to configure the new update and restarts again please someone help me solve this problem
  8. S

    Help needed in configuring DSL502T for Bsnl broadband

    Hi, I have a D-Link DSL-502T ADSL modem which I haven't used for some time. The other modem that I was using conked out, and I needed to use this modem; however, when I'm trying to configure the modem for BSNL broadband connection, whenever I try to change the VCI, I get an error "VPI & VCI...
  9. S

    Help with ProxyDroid

    I want to use wifi network in my hostel on my LG P500.But it cannot be accessed without proxy settings. so, i downloades ProxyDroid on my phone but I dont know how to configure it. please help. PS: I know the proxy address and port. My device is rooted. CM7
  10. R

    bulidin a budget pc

    pls suggest me hw to configure a new cpu with intel i3 2100 <complsry> under 16k?? Pls help
  11. D

    configuring dlink dsl 2750u for bsnl

    can any one plz provide stey by step guide to configure dlink dsl 2750u for bsnl..... i need to configure for wireless also
  12. G

    How to enable USB power on after PC shutdown

    I recently bought a wi-fi router to run net on my laptop .the router is powered by a usb cable which is connected to my pc . The problem is that to keep the router on I've to keep the PC on too.... is there any way by which I can configure my usb ports so that they will provide voltage after pc...
  13. ratzee199


    Anyone tried PCSX2? I had tried it in my old system, but never able to use it. Is it really good? Can I play PS2 games using this? How to configure?
  14. R

    Problem installing hp officejet j3608 fax software in windows 7

    I have tried to install hp officejet j3608 in windows 7 with the windows 7 driver provided in HP's site. All things working fine except the fax part. Could find anything to configure the printer as fax. Also HP solution center in not installed with the software.Plz help very urgent.
  15. chandrudme

    Configure BSNL DNA-A211-1 modem for Airtel BB

    Hi friends, I am with Airtel broadband. I got a BSNL wifi ADSL2+CPE modem model DNA-A211-1 from my friend. But i'm unable to configure it for airtel. I contacted airtel service guy and he informed that this modem is not compatibale with Airtel. I'm not sure whether he is right. Can you...
  16. A

    how to install tar.bz2 in fedora 16

    I am a new linux user, dont know much of it, so i would like to have a detailed information for the solution. installed fedora 16 yesterday. now i am trying to install to softwares (most are of tar.bz2 format) which were given in december 2011 edition of digit. i installed the dependencies...
  17. R

    how to set up internet connection in windows 7

    Hi I have a new laptop with windows 7 ultimate.. Pls tell me how to configure it to access internet.. I have a modem cum router (wired).
  18. motobuntu

    how to configure pushmail on Samsung chat 322 ?

    I am using Samsung Chat 322, from last few weeks. I have tried to configure pushmail, it downloads the mail for the first time but never after that. I have tried it with my live mail id. With Gmail I am not able to create the email profile; getting error 'Invalid username/password', although...
  19. R

    Good shop in Jaipur to buy and configure a Gaming RiG ??

    Suggest me a good shop in Jaipur,,,where all components of a Gaming rig are available... as i want to configure a new PC for gaming and i cant buy from outside jaipur. Thanxx and regards.
  20. khmadhu

    How to connect Tikona BB to wifi router..?

    Hi I recently got Tikona BB (becoz there was no other option than BSNL). I am having Belkin router,but not able to configure for auto login to Tikona.? i tried PPOE mode but not working. only Dynamic option in router will work. but for each PC/laptop every time i need to enter userid and...
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