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Configure Hathway in Ubuntu 8.10

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Can anyone help me to configure hathway in ubuntu??
i tried several times.. im not getting it right..!! :-x:-x
plz help ne1..!!:-(


Rapacious eBayer
Did you try this: (from here)
Note down the IP address, gateway and DNS server addresses given by Hathway.
Navigate to System => Administration => Network
Enter your password
In Connections tab, select your ethernet card, in my case it’s Wired Connection(eth1)
Click on properties and set the tabs as follows, (replace the details with your own details)

Configuration: Static IP address

IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Gateway Address:
Go to DNS Tab.
Click on Add next to DNS box and type the address of DNS server.
For adding more DNS servers, repeat the above step.
Click on Close to finish.
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