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BSNL Nokia Siemens c2110 configuration:help !!

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One of my friends applied for a BSNL BROADBAND connection and at last got his username and password. He wants to connect the modem(Nokia Siemens C2110) via Ethernet port(LAN) but doesn't know how to configure the modem.
I tried briefing him about the settings in but it turned out that the interface was completely differnent from my modem's, so I can't help him out.

Please can anoyone help to configure the modem ?


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1. connect thru the lan port

2. keep ip as automatic (from lan properties > tcp/ip)

3. open modem configuration page by typing in the address bar of your web browser.

4. create a bridge or pppoe setting using vci = 0 and vpi = 35

5. if u choose bridge mode then create a dial up broadband connection from new connection wizard

This is what I found from another forum. Pls check and try if that works...

1) Now what i did first , Open c2110 ( obviously because i have the Nokia Siemens c2110) open service activation manager, an page opens 'Welcome to DSL

Startup Wizard ' which checks the computer configuration , the Memory ,processor ,OS, Java, Macromedia Flash and IE5.5.Then it requests for 1)Setup boadband

or 2)Home networking .I select Broadband.It request whether it is USB or Ethernet, I choose USB, Then it ask to choose the modem type.There are Type I and

Type II. I choose Siemens Type I.Then it asks to connect the modem.It gves amessage 'Please wait while computer is prepared for USB modem.Then it tries to

detect / verify the modem .This continues for 1-2 minutes and then it says the modem cannot be verified.So this is FAILURE No 1.

2)I try a different method.

There is a folder called Regular Contents / USB drivers in the folder called C2110 in the BSNL CD.I run the setup file there. It starts running fine but just

at the end it gives an error that ' there was a problem in installing the program . Contact the support personnel '. Then the installtion program starts

reverting back . the installation is cancelled and an a message is given to reboot.This is FAILURE NO 2.

To be mentioned that for each time i formatted the machine and did exactly mentioned above after fresh on Windows XP professional , SP 2.

Now if thought of another process.After another clean install of Windows Xp prof , SP 2,
I plugged in the Nokia Siemens c2110 in the USB port. Now I right click My Computer ,Click Device Manager, Then i Right click the USB Device , Update Driver

, select location , set location as the folder where the USB drivers of the modem are kept. This apparantly installs the
modem drivers.I see a network adapter called 'lanroad' is created.i am also manually able to create a PPPoE dial-up screen , i tried to login with a dummy id

.it gives an error -invalid user name /password ( this is obvious , i just wanted to see till which checkpoint the connection reaches).

I can also open the site and login using profile 'admin/admin'
There is an icon of LAN at bottom right saying limted connectivity.

This from another....
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