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    Configuring MS Office Outlook 2003 for Gmail

    Can anybody tell me how to configure MS Office Outlook 2003 for Gmail? :?
  2. K


    help neededhow to configure yahoo mail with incredimail
  3. S

    Making a forum by PHP!

    Hi! Guys, recently, I downloaded phpBB 2.0.11 ( the PHP with which this DIGIT forum is made...), but I don't know how to configure it so that I can put it on my website.. Actually, the web service I have been using is free and has unlimited web space... Really, unlimited FREE web space.... It is...
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    How To Configure Yahoo Mail In MS Outlook 2000

    Plz tell me in detail how to configure yahoo mail to wrk in ms outlook 2000..............
  5. A


    I am trying to configure my MS Outlook97 with net. I have given incoming/outgoing mail address as HOTMAIL.COM. I have email a/c in hotmail. When I send a msg "TIP/IP connection was unexpectedly terminated by your mail server". I have " NETONE ACCOUNT LESS SERVICE" of BSNL. Pl tell me how to...
  6. P

    how to install java run time environment

    is it available in any of the digit issues? how to configure it so, applets can be displayed in FireFox also.//
  7. K

    linux keymap

    How to configure linux keymap files?
  8. A

    PHP mail function

    somebody please tell me how to use the php mail function. i think its sytax is mail(Senerder's address, subject , body) but the above one is not sending the mail so should i have to configure myoutgoing mail server before using this function or the above sytanx has to be change
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    Help with Proxy

    Hi all, Well i want to know all about proxies...and to make myself more clearer I would like to ask certain question.. 1) What is proxy? 2) Our college uses a proxy server and we have to configure the browser for proxy as xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx on port yyyy. Now if I try to access the same proxy...
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    How to configure HSP 56 Micromodem for Suse 9.1

    How to configure HSP 56 Micromodem for Suse 9.1 i am able to connect to the internet using suse9.1 where the drivers availiable?
  11. D

    lan connection help

    i am not able to connect my PC with my thoshiba laptop with a lan card plz help what all to configure
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    well...******SORRY******for kirtimaan's query...

    10 pc's with 10/100mbps LAN...i think if u do a remote boot , ur network speed will be "RAM BHAROSE" !! no offence... i have a better option if ur diskless workstations wont be upgrading and s/w's. I mean if u r going to configure them once.. should i proceed? ******ERR.. this was for...
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