1. tamatarpakoda

    [Contest Results] SKOAR! & #DewArena Gaming Challenge Winners

    Greetings peeps! We have an update on the contest results. All the entries, tweets, Facebook posts have been forwarded to the folks behind the contest. Overall, we had over 75,000 entries for the contest so the DewArena guys have asked for a little extra time to announce the winners. They...
  2. B

    Tally's Data folder not opening

    Hi Friends, I have to complete a project. It requires me to analyze some data from Tally. I have Tally 9.0. When I select the destination folder, Tally doesn't show the companies. The timeframe that I have to complete the project is very little. Kindly help...
  3. SaiyanGoku

    [For Sale] L.A. Noire Complete Edition

    1. *Model number and details: L.A. Noire Complete Edition (Physical Disks). Needs Rockstar Games Social Club. Key hasn't been activated. 2. *Date of purchase: 26 February, 2015 3. Reason for sale: Don't have the time to play it. 4. Warranty details: Not Applicable 5. *Expected Price: Rs 400...
  4. cute.bandar

    Building cheapest PC that's kind of reliable?

    So a former employee of my father wants to get a first computer for his children... Purpose : Simply learn how to use a computer. Basic things. Reliable: complete newbies to computer, things go wrong in hardware, they will have issues. Cheap Parts needed: monitor / CPU / keyboard mouse...
  5. Anorion

    WIP - Show us what you are working on

    working on some pet project, but it is still not nearly complete yet? share here for some feedback and encouragement
  6. C

    Prescription Writing Software

    I want to need a medical software for prescription writing in mobile version, which provides complete details of drugs, brands & diseases details. Please share your details.
  7. Rahim

    Need complete guide in implementing CCTV

    I need to implement CCTV in my workplace. The requirements: 1: At least 16 good quality cameras. 2: I prefer a PC-based DVR system. 3: What is the price range of the various components? 4: Do these come in complete package or various components needs to be assembled? 5: I need to...
  8. G

    Require advice from expert to make one assembled pc within 15000rs

    Hi Frds, Please advice i am in process of purchasing one assembled PC for basic home use like internet surfing, ms office use. Problem is that I have no knowledge about pc assembling or configuration. I want that you expert please advice me in details by keeping in mind about my...
  9. amjath

    Windows was not able to complete the format - USB drive

    Hi, I had a infected USB drive. Forgot its infected, used rufus to make usb boot for XP. When rufus tried formatting, the operation did not complete. So i tried formatting directly it pops this error "Windows was not able to complete the format" Tried formatting via disk management same issues...
  10. C

    Catalyst Control Center not working?

    A while ago i updated my ATI driver via windows update and since then catalyst control centre stopped working.So i decided to uninstall it and install it again but when i tried installing it,it showed that the installation was complete but catalyst control centre option was nowhere to be found...
  11. patkim

    freeware usage - user expected to complete online offer

    I have forgotten password for one of my zip files, have tried various combinations by stretching my memory but no luck..I tried downloading and installing a freeware free zip-rar password recovery. To my surprise it asks to complete some online offer before a license can be activated. I am...
  12. F

    Just Cause 2 - [ERROR]

    Hi! I have done a lot of research on this issue, but to no avail. I bought Just Cause 2 and installed and ran through steam, but it says: Not enough storage to complete this operation. I have 8GB DDR3 1066Mhz RAM, and have NO idea why this message is coming.
  13. blackedition91

    Issue with an ebay bought phone. Need help

    Hey guys, I ordered an Xperia Tipo phone(for my dad) from ebay. I received the item. However, the seller has shipped the item intended for promotion. The box clearly states 'Item is for promotion. Not intended for retail sale'. I tried to call the seller. But all 3 numbers provided by him...
  14. R

    HP 4530 Probook Review

    Hi frnds... can you please help me in providing a complete insight on the laptop before purchasing it.
  15. koolent

    Burnt DIMM Slot or nearby components, advice needed.

    I know I did wrong applying water on the motherboard and the causes could have been worse but the unfortunate truth is that I ended up burning one of my PC's RAM Slot. The thing is that it is either the Slot or the components near the slot which complete its circuit are burnt. So, can it...
  16. nginx

    Husbands need to pay salary to wives?

    The central government's proposal to introduce a law, which, if passed, would mandate every man to part with a portion of his salary income as salary to his wife. Do you agree with this? I personally think its outrageous. Complete Story...
  17. mandarpalshikar

    My Build with i5-3570K & GTX 550ti-SLI on ASRock Z77 Extreme6

    Hi Guys, please take a loook at my new rig. I am runnig all the games on ultra setting at around 60 FPS. Unigine Heaven runs on ultra settings at 40 FPS. Will run complete benchmarks on unigine and 3dmark vantage soon and will post the results. Specs (all costs are in INR and purchased from...
  18. RBX

    A Verbose Update Manager

    I'm using Fedora 17 and the preinstalled 'Software Update' utility is just disappointing. While installation is in progress, all it shows is how many updates are selected, their combined size, and a progress bar with no indication of what % in complete. What I would like is a GUI based update...
  19. bajaj151

    Complete PC for basic purposes within 20K

    I want Complete PC (including UPS) for my parents. Purpose : Internet and MS office.. Budget : 20K
  20. Desmond

    Data thieves use four year olds to steal their parents' data

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