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  1. truegenius

    disguise yourself as facebook official page and comment on official page

    hey there, i was browsing facebook and saw that someone is using a technique to look exactly like official page in comment section of that official page dows anybody know about this trick ? here is an example post link...
  2. seamon

    Reputation comment.

    What's a reputation comment. Apparently this is new to DF.
  3. The Sorcerer

    Truth Behind Magic Operating System Developed by Std. X Student

    Source: Truth Behind Magic Operating System Developed by Std. X Student | wowmoron Digit did a news reporting over here. Anyone here could have easily doubted his claims ever since he used the words "installed in the microchip" and "microchip has no moving parts.
  4. JohnephSi

    Nexus 7(2013) playstore or flipkart??

    Hi to everyone,Iam confused from where should i buy my nexus 7 (2013) either from flipkart or from playstore.Please give comment on this. Thanks
  5. A

    thinkdigit.com made a mistake

    The Poll On the Thinkdigit.com has asked about Iphone 5c's Fingerprint sensor since when does 5c has a fingerprint sensor i posted a comment they paid no attention .Thinkdigit should correct their mistake. :razz:
  6. Bhargav

    The Tragic Case Of Justin Carter,League of Legends player faces 8 years in jail for Facebook comment

    So,a 18-year-old teen Justin Carter was taken into custody in February after an argument he had on the social network regarding the online video game League of Legends which made him terroristic threat :shock: Full Story
  7. H

    Scientists [.] were able to reproduce findings in only 11%of 53 published papers [related to cancer]

    Editorial note : Nature : Nature Publishing Group Botched title due to char limit.
  8. D

    any comment about this vaio S15125

    this is only laptop i found with Full HD screen any one here who have seen its demo model and comment please about its display quality and other issues it have please help me to decide a great laptop; SVS15125CN : S Series : VAIO™ Laptop & Computer : Sony India
  9. kool

    Wireless Keyboard @ Rs.590

    guys, i want to buy this keyboard, "Logitech-K270" Logitech K270 Wireless Keyboard Need expert comment. :) or suggest me any other value for money keyboard for my desktop. :)
  10. C

    Best Laptop Brands

    What will you suggest as best laptop brand? Among quality,features,support etc... Don't forgot to vote. If you like post some comment about it.
  11. NoasArcAngel

    Acer M Series laptop launched! ! !

    Read this from tech2. " Acer launches S, M, V3, V5 and E series notebooks " comes with a GT 640M @ 52k + tax . Best Budget gaming laptop ? comment plz. @ mod plz change thread title to Acer. and not ASUS error regretted.
  12. G

    IIT-M may soon impose stricter disciplinary measures on students

    Thats very sick :| The Hindu : Cities / Chennai : IIT-M may enforce more norms
  13. bubusam13

    What is the best free forum software?

    What is the best free forum software? I am using Vanilla forums at present. Also suggest me a easily customizable forum software. Customizable in the sense, I should be able to change the theme and put ads in locations I want. I also I want a CMS software. Though CMS made simple is easy for...
  14. Chaitanya

    A multimedia cum gaming laptop for 60000

    i want to buy a laptop for 60000 i'm considering HP Pavilion dv6-6121tx as an option. pls comment :?
  15. Power_user_EX

    So , How many Overclockers we have in here ? huh... ?

    As the title says.... If your an overclocker just leave ur comment here ....
  16. vickybat

    Sad But True: Battlefield is Too Hardcore to Overthrow Call of Duty

    The title says it all. I guess i don't have much to comment on this. So better read it guys: Source
  17. N

    Comment on the config

    I have decided to buy a pc based on the following configuration for moderate gaming and for other entertainment purposes.Please comment on the configuration. CPU:AMD Athlon II 640 MB:MSI 880gma-e45 GPU:A 5750 based gpu(prefered brands are asus,sapphire,msi) RAM:2GB 1333MHz from Corsair or...
  18. A

    Galaxy sl + 8Gb mem (class 6) = arnd 23k or Galaxy S (16 Gb) @ 25 K or Galaxy S2

    Hi I went to a shop to get Galaxy SL but it was not there , the guy showed me a Galaxy S ( 16 Gb ) @ 25 K , and then when I was calculating the total for Galaxy SL it came to arnd 8 Gb it almost comparable to Galaxy S But then I thought abt Galaxy S 2 , Confused which one to buy...
  19. ashis_lakra

    Vapor-X not worth the extra price?

    Hi, I was reading some reviews on Vapor-X and v2 cooler of HD 5770. and found strange facts... :shock: Please have a look at it and comment on the coolers. **Contagion Review**Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon 5770 Cooler vs V2** - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net
  20. vickybat

    AMD Fusion APU discussion

    Guys Brazos is launched taking performance per watt to a new level. Now even netbooks can stream 1080p content!! Check this and this. Lets start a discussion on this topic.... MODS, is it better to move this thread to the technology news section? Guess i have opened it in the wrong...
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