1. ZTR

    Ace combat 7: Skies unknown

    Mpgwu-xpG5w A proper Ace Combat is coming to the PC :hyper::hyper::hyper: This is big. (And before someone says about Assault Horizon, no that crap wasn't a proper AC game, this is)
  2. tamatarpakoda

    [Contest] Challenge #6 = I am a Gamer because...

    Perhaps you were drawn in because of the cool graphics, perhaps you started gaming because you were bored or maybe it was your true calling. Tell us what got you into this wonderful world of gaming and don't forget to attach an image of you playing Kung Fu Combat on your phone to qualify for...
  3. deadnoun

    modern combat 5

    Any tips to modern combat 5. I started playing few days back and feeling bit difficult on controls. Please give any type of tips which would help in future too. Thanks in advance.
  4. Cyberghost

    The Surge

    Lords of the Fallen studio Deck 13 is attempting to take the Dark Souls formula into the future. What if the modern trends ruling the world as we know it continued on their most negative possible path? That’s the question posed by The Surge, and it’s the answers that developer Deck 13 has...
  5. Cyberghost

    Xenonauts 2

    GOLDHAWK INTERACTIVE CONFIRMS XENONAUTS 2 Xenonauts 2 will not be a chronological sequel, rather it will cover similar events taking place in an alternate timeline – an alien invasion occurring in a Cold War-era Earth. This means humanity does not start with the advanced alien technology...
  6. Cyberghost

    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

    Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Release Date: January 2016 Set in a huge open world, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen presents a rewarding action combat experience. Players embark on an epic adventure in a rich, living world with three AI companions, known as Pawns. These partners fight...
  7. Cyberghost


    London, 1918. You are newly-turned Vampyr Dr. Jonathan Reid. As a doctor, you must find a cure to save the city’s flu-ravaged citizens. As a Vampyr, you are cursed to feed on those you vowed to heal. Will you embrace the monster within? Survive and fight against Vampyr hunters, undead skals...
  8. Cyberghost

    World’s First Smart Combat Gloves That Measures Your Punch

    We have seen every kind of fitness technology from smart bikes to web-connected bras that monitor eating. Now even boxing gloves are getting smarter. iPunch — which is looking for funding via its Indiegogo — is what its founders are calling “the world’s first smart combat gloves.” The gloves...
  9. Alok

    Mad Max

    Mad Max is an upcoming post-apocalyptic vehicular combat video game set in an open world environment. It is based on the Mad Max film series, being published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developed by Avalanche Studios. It is slated for release for Microsoft Windows...
  10. H

    Batman vs. Ironman

    The oldest superhero war on the internet. Both of them are billionaire genius playboy philanthropists who fight supervillans, are a part of a superhero team, have no super powers and largely rely on gadgets and their wits etc. My answer is obvious: Why: 1. He is the...
  11. Alok

    Remember Me

    GfAHseKzb54 Plot The player controls Nilin (voiced by Kezia Burrows ), an amnesiac 'memory hunter', through the streets of Neo-Paris in the year 2084 . This dystopian future features a surveillance state . Nilin's former employer, Memorise, erases her memories to neutralize her and she must...
  12. tkin

    Ace Combat Assault Horizon is coming to PC!!

    Finally, the game I drooled over for so long and watched the trailer countless times is making its long awaited appearance on the PC platform, hell yeah :-D :-D Ace Combat Assault Horizon PC version confirmed • News • PC • Just watch this trailer and drool over...
  13. Soumik99

    Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning

    This is the second most hyped fantasy- RPG currently(next to Skyrim) and its certainly going to be epic(watch the video please :)) ) yC03bufEwBY The features of the game are as listed(Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - EA Games VQqKxzsTaF4&feature=related -v1Cnzel3pI&feature=relmfu...
  14. abhidev

    Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

    Developed by the Project Aces team, ACE COMBAT ASSAULT HORIZON intensifies the franchise, escalating combat to the next level with aircraft that are literally torn apart, spewing oil and debris across the sky. Players will engage in combat across the globe, dodging skyscrapers, and turning their...
  15. mithun_mrg

    F.E.A.R Combat Free

    Fear combat is the multiplayer version of F.E.A.R game completely free to download & play here u will find more info FEAR Combat (Free Online Multiplayer FPS Game)
  16. max_snyper

    Combat arms problem

    hi any of you play this game "Combat Arms" from India. If you play which client did you downloaded from their site. i downloaded us-client,registered myself,when i logged in game opens and after that a error signs comes such as "server connection lost error code pi-30022" Does any of...
  17. vamsi_krishna

    Which is the game you think that has insane combat system one

    Which is the game you think that has insane combat system friends, please let the digit users to know what's the game with insane combat system. Although i am naming few games you are allowed to tell the game of your liking.
  18. RCuber

    Low GFX subsystem Performance

    Guys I feel that my GFX subsystem is underperforming. I did some checks, can you verify if indeed this result is correct or there is something wrong with my system. My Config: CPU: Intel P4 520 ( 2.8 GHz HT Presscott ) MOBO: Intel D915GAV RAM: 256 MB + 512 MB DDR running @ 333MHz HDD: 80...
  19. A

    installing old version games in vista

    Hi everybody.i am desperately trying to install certain janes combat sims like USAF,F 15,WW II FIGHTERS in my pre installed vista 32 bit home basic laptop ( Direct x 10) where these games cleared for win 95/98 wont install at all. anyone who has tried installing these games in vista .the WWII...
  20. gary4gar

    Download F.E.A.R. for free

    Sierra is going to release the PC FPS game F.E.A.R. as a FREE download: Thursday August 17th according to their website 08-08-2006 - Sierra Entertainment today announced that the multiplayer component from the award winning PC title F.E.A.R.™ (First Encounter Assault Recon), has been...
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