1. J

    What clip converter do you use for video clips

    I want to know about the best clip converter software which allows to convert video clips into multiple video formats. Please suggest me a free clip converter for my video conversion.
  2. justme101

    Dead power supply or mobo?

    Hi guys, I turned on my pc this morning and just a few seconds after start it just shut down itself. I can see that the motherboard light is on but it wont turn on. I unplugged everything and thought of doing the paper clip test. I don't exactly have a paper clip so i used a bent needle to do...
  3. R

    accessories for moto g

    I'l be buying the moto g soon. i need advise on the accessories that i should order along with it. Protective Case(no flip covers) Headphones (in ear type, preferably with ear clip) Charger Data Cable Screen guard?????(is it required??) all this under 3k
  4. srkmish

    Sansa E250 Mp3 player review

    Ok, this model is long outdated but i had to review this as i love all tech and i love sharing my experiences with tech. So i dropped my sansa clip plus sometime earlier and the on/off switch got recessed and there is no way to turn it on physically now ( This is a common problem with the...
  5. Subhankar Mondal

    video editor

    I want to join some video clips into one single video clip. which software should I install? plz help.:shock:
  6. ratul

    Is it good to buy Sansa Clip Zip from USA?

    I was not able to find a Sansa Clip+ or Zip anywhere here (decently priced one), so i am thinking of buying them from here: SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip 4 GB MP3 Player (Black): MP3 Players & Accessories Actually my relatives are there, and i can ask them to buy there and they are...
  7. GhorMaanas

    Please suggest a PMP.

    Hello everyone! its been a long time that i have 'survived' now (although it was a refreshing break!) without a PMP, after the sad demise of my last one in a trek. now i want to buy another one. created a WTB thread sometime back, but the response was lackluster, hence have decided to purchase...
  8. GhorMaanas

    [Want to Buy] Portable MP3 PLayer

    Hello! i need a PMP. following is my choice in order of preference: 1. Nationaite N2 2. Sandisk Sansa Clip+ 3. Cowon iAudio E2 4. Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip price can be discussed over PMs. please let me know your offers. thanks!
  9. Gollum

    Japanese Anti-Piracy Advert

    Ignore the KFC Add before the clip Fun 8-)
  10. moshel

    [Want to Buy] MP3 Player

    Dear friends If anyone has a spare mp3 player available and want to sell, please let me know. MP3 player from major brands only please. First preference for a player with a clip...Shuffle, Clip, pebble..etc...smaller the better.. Atleast 4 gb memory Age of the player is no concern but it...
  11. C

    Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip

    The new Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip doesn't see to be available in any stores. I tried and amazon ( but it's double the price since they direct import from the U.S. Isn't it available in any stores in Mumbai? Regards, Casper
  12. W

    Clip zip or clip+?

    Hello friends, Want to buy a clip zip or a clip+. But unable to find clip zip anywhere properly in rates high on ebay for international shipping... any idea as to where can I buy the same?
  13. prvprv

    where can i find a zalman cooler clip

    I have a zalman CNPS7000 fan sitting idle at my home. I want to use it with my c2d processor but I dont have the installation clip/bracket. I googled it and found this on Zalman ZM-CS1 Socket 775 CPU Installation Clip | eBay but it costs $25 including shipping to India.:-x...
  14. bubusam13

    Suggest some website to buy Sansa Clip

    I want to buy Sansa Clip+. Suggest some website where I can find it cheap. In Flipkart, clip is out of stock. Lynx also. Suggest some other website.
  15. avichandana20000

    Asus board warranty

    Yesterday i.e. on Sunday I have opened the side panel of my rig to clear the dust. Suddenly I see the clip of HSF fitted to the socket groove is loose. I closely check and find that one of the grooves of the socket to which the HSF clip was fastened is broken. I do not know how. Because last...
  16. patkim

    Youtube - Thumbnail not seen

    Off lately I notice that when I go to Youtube, I no longer see the thumbnail of the video clips. I only see blank rectangle with duration of clip written at one corner. Is this how it is or some settings messed up at my end??
  17. Flashbang

    3D for spectacle wearers

    Hey guys, I was thinking about watching Clash of The titans 3D tomorrow ie friday in big cinemas, delhi. Since I wear spectacles, I wanted to ask whether they provide some kind of clip ons ir something for people like me who cannot do without spectacles ??:-(
  18. hansraj

    Which is a better method: copy or move

    Guys I just read this in a book: "Move or copy a file? There is a small catch to moving a file. The catch is if the process does not complete the copy it will delete your file anyway. It works like this: You right click on the file and select move. Or you right click on the file and drag it...
  19. chesss

    video editing software

    I want to cut out a portion of a video? by portion I don't mean by portion of time, but part of the video frame. Like remove the left of the video and make a clip out of it. This is getting difficult to explain in english... :? say you have 2 persons in a video, now we want to remove one...
  20. din

    Please suggest - Software to resize video (change width and height)

    Was in search of of softwares which can change the dimensions of a video clip without losing the quality. To make it clear, as an example. If a video clip is 800X600, want to make it 200X150, but without losing quality / frame rate etc. Basically no change to video except the dimensions...
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