1. sandynator

    Is it possible to make a fresh carrier start in Computer Hardware & Networking at the age of 30+

    Hello guys need your guidance in making a fresh career start in Computer Hardware & Networking at the age of 30 plus be it into taking up a job or doing business in this field. Firstly would like to ask is it really possible??? Let me just give you a briefing about me & sorry as it could be...
  2. S

    Certifications and their effect on Career

    Hi, I've done B.tech in Computer Science. I'm working in a company whose main domain is Capital Markets from last 5 months. I've started my career with this company only and I'm finding it a bit difficult to understand capital markets. I just came to know about a certification in capital markets...
  3. Cyberghost

    NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet with LTE revealed in certification

    NVIDIA launched the SHIELD gaming console last year. It also launched its Tegra Note tabletsmanufactured by several vendors last year. Now the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet has been certified on Global Certification Forum or GCF. Last month it surfaced on the official NVIDIA Tegra Zone and also surfaced...
  4. C

    RHCE & MCSA certification

    Hi, I'm from Mumbai. I plan to pursue MCSA & RHCE Certification along side CCNA. I came across CMS Institute, Dadar, Mumbai which is offering CCA & CITCA curriculum covering above as well as additional training on RHEV, ITIL, Hyper V. I would like to know if its worth doing all course under...
  5. S

    After CCNA: CCNP or Server 2012?

    Hi All, I work as a technician @ a local computer store & i have studied Networking, MSCA on Server 2003, and just finished CCNA certification, and i do not have a engineering or a IT degree. I'm looking for a job in Mumbai, so i have some doubts & questions regarding further education and...
  6. R

    No Nexus 6 this year ??? - evleaks

    It’s definitely not the first time we hear that Google may drop the Nexus brand in the future, but we’re still expecting at least one new Nexus smartphone (aka Nexus 6) to be released this year. However, @evleaks is now saying that “there is no Nexus 6”, and that we should say farewell to the...
  7. rhyansy

    BIS Certification for Re-launching MSI Laptops

    Hello everyone, MSI is one step of re-launching to India. BUT the biggest problem facing now is the BIS certification. Right now, requirements are even tightening that labels must be engraved into the laptop itself! (New norms may make electronics costlier - The Times of India) Aside from...
  8. sanoob.tv

    vmware certification @ bangalore ->need feedback

    hi, im looking to take vmware certification from bangalore, do any of you know any authorized vmware training centr? currently im looking at vepsun,but its not an authorized centr.(got most reviews in g+) is it mandatory to do training from a vmware certified institute?also do any of u ppl...
  9. sanny16

    java and sql certification from oracle

    I am currently undergoing advance java course and i have finished the sql course earlier. I wanted to know how to get oracle certification in java and sql? I need to know how to began the process for certification from where and what all things and study material required. They are variations in...
  10. utkarsh73

    How to proceed & prepare for OCPJP exam?

    I have been familiar with Java for a while now and I m looking forward to take the OCPJP certification exam. Please guide me about the books and materials needed to pass the certification exam. I have completed Head First Java and have a good grasp on most of the topics covered in the book...
  11. A

    CEH after B.Tech! Help!

    I'm really interested in getting CEH certification and have finished B.Tech waiting for results. :| Now I don't have any other networking knowledge or certification! I'm looking to get this as personal souvenir rather for a job now! this exam is costly around 500$, so does anyone suggest any...
  12. RCuber

    Microsoft Certification Opinion

    I was thinking about doing a certifications. I'm basically a .NET developers and I need certification for advances in my career. there are MCTS, MCSD and some older certifications. MCSD is more suited for next gen technologies, but I haven't worked on those. I read that MCTS would be retired...
  13. V

    CFA : Should I do or not ?

    Hello, Currently I m on horizon of completing first year of my MBA program from one of the top college in Mumbai University. I m going to opt for Finance as a specialization. Final placement season would be in Dec-13/Jan-14. Giving me around 7/7.5 months of time. In this time I want to make...
  14. R

    Best JAVA certification class [ MUMBAI ]

    Guys, i want to learn advanced java + do my java certification. Even learn android. I've finished doing my engineering in Computer's. So in your opinion which is the best class.
  15. R

    Rhce certification training

    Hi everyone, Im new to linux, and I practiced well & now I feel I can take certification RHCE. One of my friend was telling in order to attend the RHCE certification go to the partner training center where you will get lab experience , mock papers ,and also hands off. So Im searching for...
  16. T

    Requesting Help in PHP Zend Certification Institute

    Hi All, This is tamilmani mohan . I am new user for this forum. I have plan to do PHP zend certification. Is there any authorized PHP zend training center in chennai , India? If any one knows , please update me. May be it will helpful to me. Thanks Tamilmani Mohan
  17. T

    Need help on Cyber Security courses in India

    Hi , I'm working in mid tier software company as a application support engineer have 13 months of experience .I wish to get become Online Security Analyst I'm looking for some certification which can help me become "Online Security Analyst " I'm Basically looking for some cost...
  18. latino_ansari

    MCITP Certification Confusion...

    Hi Guys, I am planning to do MCITP certification, but there are different options in it like server Administrator, Exchange Admint, Sharepoint.... I am particularly inclined towards Exchange... Couldyou guys please help me out by guiding which is the best one and has better...
  19. A

    Best job oriented webmaster certification

    Hi all , can someone help me to find out the best certification course for webmaster ,which helps getting a nice job. What type of certification available i encounter some are vendor specific some are vendor neutral ? Web Professional and webmaster geek friend please guide here. Thanks .
  20. T

    help about NETWORK job

    Please help me on the dilema i am in. I have done mca and working as a contractual teacher of computer in a school. I have trainning in ccna and mcse.I have not done my global certification. How I should proceed for having a successfull carier.
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