1. D

    Unable to play a mp3 file "certification failure"

    I am getting error "a operation failed due to certification failure" while playing an MP3, I recently down'd. what is the problem, is the file corrupt or its has some DRM crap. Anybody got similar error earlier...?
  2. INS-ANI

    Cisco CCNA Certification:

    Hi guys, I recently did a linux based netowrk management course by IIMC, and was willing to upgrade my skills. i need your advice about what is CIsco certification in networking all abt and hw it may help one in future.. and abt its learning centre in pune... if any?
  3. R

    Microsoft Certified Engineer

    Hi Anyone here MCP? Can anyone give idea on getting microsoft certification. I referred MS website, but still i am not clear on this. Is it possible to get certification online, qualifications required, how much fees, time required etc etc thanks
  4. T

    Microsoft Certification help

    I a a second year be student ....i want to start preparing for microsoft certification .... can anyone help me ...how to get started ...how long will it take ...where to get all the resources form,.....
  5. M

    java certification course

    friends, will you plz tell various certification (worldwide recognized) for JAVA i am simply a beginner and from where i must download all sort of softwares(latest) in order to run java
  6. T

    Guide me plzzzzz

    I am a second year comp. engg student(Pune univ)... i am planning to do a short term course or may be a certification course...... during my vacations in dec..... i m really confused which course i should opt for i am plaaning to do a java course and then give the certification xam during febs...
  7. H

    Anybody frm Bangalore

    Hi, If u know any institue in bangalore for CCSP certification, plz let me know. thanks;
  8. Thor

    Clarification of a Problem Statement... Important.

    Hello Friends, Here is a problem statement. Hv to implement using C code. I wud like to hv some points clarified. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Problem Statement Brief: The problem is to “design and code a robust, reusable and customizable...
  9. F

    Security Certification

    Hi All, I need some Microsoft Security certification. Can I take the Security papers(in MCSE) without having completed the rest? Also, any web resource to get Security materials from? Thanks a lot in advance! Anuj
  10. A

    Which Certification is Worth to have

    Hi EveryONE I wanna ask one Q related to Certification....... IF ANYBODY OF YOU INTERESTED IN DOING A CERTIFICATION,WHICH ONE YOU WILL GO FOR 1)java /j2EE 2)Linux 3)Networking 4).net Framework/vb,c#,asp.net if possible gimme small details why..... thX
  11. iinfi

    Java Sun Certification!! HELP!! HELP!! HELP

    hi my friend wants to appear for Sun Microsystems' "Sun Certification Exam" scjp(sun certified java professional). he wants to know whether he sud appear for 1.2 platform or 1.4 platform .... coz he is unable to get any question Dumps for 1.4 plz provide any online links to tutorials...
  12. B

    which certification is the best, LOTUS NOTES or DOTNET

    I'm gonna take a cert exam in the next month. I'm applyin for a student visa for US. I need to know which of the programs mentioned will be the best for me in the future. 1 > DOTNET (MCP) or (MCAD) eventually 2 > LOTUS NOTES (CLP) If u guys know of any other certification...
  13. D

    certification on networking..

    dear friends, i have a great interest in networking what can i do here in india, is there any good oppurtunities here, which certification is for networking....
  14. Sourabh

    ForceWare 71.20 Released

    ForceWare 71.20 Here's a new set of Forceware Drivers in the shape of 71.20 for Windows 2000/XP! tO DOWNLOAD heres the link : No WHQL CErtification yet more info
  15. kumars

    A+ Certification Guide

    Hi..!!! Guys.. I would like to know if you have tutorial of A+, N+ and MCSE/MCSD certification, a book and a CD would do also let me know how much i will have to pay for it.
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