Is it possible to make a fresh carrier start in Computer Hardware & Networking at the age of 30+


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Hello guys need your guidance in making a fresh career start in Computer Hardware & Networking at the age of 30 plus be it into taking up a job or doing business in this field.

Firstly would like to ask is it really possible???

Let me just give you a briefing about me & sorry as it could be bore for most.

Since my 10th standard I always wanted to do something in technical field especially computers but could not pursue it due lots of circumstances. With heavy heart I had to take up commerce field. Some how I managed to pass out 12th with first class but never enjoyed what I was doing, later it was just down hill.

Somehow I managed to complete graduation with drops in between along with some sales job experience.
I have few yrs work experience at junior executive level in Banks & Financial Institutions but that too was not enjoyable period for me. Later due to parents health I had to look a lot into our family business[Agro based products & Cash crops] & finally left the job & started looking into family business full time.

Now that I'm financially stable & able to fulfill the basic needs of my family, would like to venture into the field which I like & enjoy the most.

Software line is out of question as I'm too old for that but I would like to know from you that what are the prospects for an oldie like me if he decides to start afresh career into Hardware & Networking field.

I'm not entirely aware of networking field so please guide me.
How do I go about?
What all certification are there?
How much time will it take to complete a single certification?
Even if for starting up a business an work experience in live scenario is important so will I be able to get any after completion of any one basic certification?
Which Institute are good at imparting knowledge? [There are two institutes Jetking & CMS which I know]

Any more pointers could be appreciated. I'm having high hopes from you people.

Thanks in advance.
Sandeep M.
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Are you planning to quit your business ?

The path infront of you requires at least 4+ years for a good career.

Training and certification would alone take 2 years. CCNA, CCNP etc are the top most and most vouched certifications in this line. And they cost you money.

Can you check if you can do some diploma course in the same line instead of doing only certification?
Certifications are icing on cake, its your degrees that would attract interview calls.


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Going for something new is always a experience good or bad time will only tell.
I am studding CS and with a background of business family. But the fact is that i will in the end might end up with my family business. But in your case you are already going strong with your family business. But the fact that this field requires a lot of experience and certification and not to forget various training as well.
Try IGNOU for a start-up on the required eligibility.


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Not entirely quitting from business. It will be looked after by near & dear ones on profit sharing basis which will give us sufficient income to survive for at least next 2 yrs.
I was waiting for this time & now that I have paid up all my liabilities [housing loan etc..] want to plan something of my own which really gives me pleasure.

I always enjoyed PC hardware,spend nights trouble shooting/formatting our & my frnds PC without knowing any idea about it ;)
Installing & trying different softwares, trying Linux Distros etc... I know this is Basic & even a small kid can do it now but this things gave me immense pleasure long back then around 2002-2007. I hope you understand.

I have some other plans too but I seriously want to give a try & give my 200% to this IT field which I wanted to get into since last 10 yrs but could not pursue :( Its like now or never for me.

I'm very much confused & afraid as well so giving some 2 month to myself to collect all possible info on different courses & then decide wisely. So if any of you guys know any suitable courses for Bcom graduate with maths at 10+2 level please let me know.
Do consider my age 32yrs & I do not know will employers[for work experience purpose] will be ready to recruit me even if I manage to complete course & get certifications. I'm ready to work in low salary even if I'm able to take out nominal expenses its fine for me if this thing give me happiness. Night shifts OK! [No pain No Gain]

Also let me know some good institutes were I can visit & get info on different courses
Thanks for showing up bro. Will check with IGNOU but I feel its better to go with institutes which can assure some placement at least for experience purpose.
Best of luck with your CS studies.
BTW it reminded me of the darker days in my life, different story altogether.


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best of luck
but it's going to be just a job, not something you enjoy all the time. That whole thing of do what you love and love what you do is a myth. There are going to be bosses, deadlines and expectations which will suck the pleasure out of any job. Especially if you like something, follow it as a hobby, not a profession.
just my opinion though, had to post. You might be the exception.


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[MENTION=82407]sandynator[/MENTION] this is where people go wrong they think that distance education ain't that good but the fact is if you know what you are doing I don't think that unless it is IIT or NIT no one cares that from where you did what. Just go through the IGNOU courses and see if you can find one which suits you.


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Yes why not if you are interested in hardware and networking and want to make career in it no matter you got it released at age of 30 you can start at that age infact you can learn it at any age. But yes you need to be little patience as at age of 30 you will be fresher for hardware networking so you will get salary as per your experience.
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