After CCNA: CCNP or Server 2012?


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Hi All,

I work as a technician @ a local computer store & i have studied Networking, MSCA on Server 2003, and just finished CCNA certification, and i do not have a engineering or a IT degree.
I'm looking for a job in Mumbai, so i have some doubts & questions regarding further education and job prospects...

The doubts that I wanted to ask are these.

1. Should i go for CCNP or Windows server 2012 Certification? i.e do employers ask for Server OS along with Cisco Certification??

2. On the basis of my current Certifications, what sort of placement and Salary should i be expecting?

3. If I go for CCNP certification instead of Windows Server 2012 certification, what sort of placement and Salary should i be expecting?

I Am very confused as to how to proceed further with my education, as these international certifications are very expensive and time consuming...

Any and all advise is greatly appreciated

Thank you,


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Learning a server OS is mandatory to get job.Only CCNA or CCNP alone can't help you to get a job My suggestion is learn WINDOWS server 2008 as most company are using it now.
As per salary you can earn 15k later you can switch and increase your salary.
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