Certifications and their effect on Career


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Hi, I've done B.tech in Computer Science. I'm working in a company whose main domain is Capital Markets from last 5 months. I've started my career with this company only and I'm finding it a bit difficult to understand capital markets. I just came to know about a certification in capital markets known as NCFM. Can anybody guide me for this? Plus, I was also thinking about OCJP certification. Please guide me that how would these certifications help me and how can I improve my domain knowledge in capital markets.

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Fix your path and do certifications only for that domain. Doing certifications helps only if you are an experienced candidate (Though it's not 100% true all the times), yes it increases your chance for getting job and getting promoted.


Right off the assembly line
Thanks for the response. In the company I'm working, all projects are of capital markets only. So, I may not have any choice to change my domain at-least for 2 years.


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Certification definitely help your to get dream job and promotion, do certification for your domain and it will surely help to shape your career.
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