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I was thinking about doing a certifications. I'm basically a .NET developers and I need certification for advances in my career. there are MCTS, MCSD and some older certifications. MCSD is more suited for next gen technologies, but I haven't worked on those. I read that MCTS would be retired.

the real problem I'm facing right now is that all openings are for previous gen technology. should I go for older certifications or newer ones?


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^^ the issue is that many companies are still using older technology..


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And older tech is gonna stay for a while.....Companies in India are more into Framework upgradation rather than over-haul of the technology itself.
Latest trend & requirement is for with sharepoint developer.
Latest questions were on sharepoint in interviews......!


i think it would be wise to do certi. in latest technolgy as who hires you can easily understand if this guys knows the latest tech. then of course he is familiar with older tech. too.

i am also confuse about MCSE :S


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I am still confused on what certification exam I should go for. There are too many exams to choose from. Which one would be ideal ??
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