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Please help me on the dilema i am in. I have done mca and working as a contractual teacher of computer in a school. I have trainning in ccna and mcse.I have not done my global certification. How I should proceed for having a successfull carier.


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
CCNA and MCSE does not guarantee job. When I was in college, I did both these certifications and highlighted in my resume too. I do not think it helped me while i was hunting for a job. while in an organisation such certifications will help you get good performance points which will eventually help you in getting promoted but that too marginally. So i will advice you not to waste thousands of rupees in giving those exams.

Now about your career aspirations, you have to move to any IT city (bangalore, delhi, mumbai, pune) and start job hunting; if you are looking for a s/w developer job. Just make sure your logical reasoning, aptitude and data structure are better than the best.
For a job in networking, you will need to get in touch with consultants in these cities without which it is quite hard to find a networking related job. Also keep an eye on job advertisements in Times Ascent etc.

Wipro and TCS are looking for fresh recruits:

Candidates must register in  > Entry level – Direct Applicants > Graduates in Science) and get the unique DT reference id.

I am not an employee of either of the organizations so I will not be able to help you further.


tHe nEw gEEk......ITian
If u do global certification, that definitely gonna ADD to ur profile..... Companies always prefer candidates have certi, if u r planning for core Networking jobs.
But u must do what u like to do leaving market assertions ....then only it may help u.

I personally did training in RHCE (linux) and now about to give global exam 4 that !!
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