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  1. K

    Phone Stolen want to Prevent it from being used by the Thief !

    Hi Guys, If someone could help me by giving information on this, My Samsung Galaxy S2 got stolen yesterday. I didn't have a Mobile Tracking System enabled on it. But had a screen lock password on it, So in normal scenario without the access code on it nobody can unlock the screen, I believe...
  2. Nerevarine

    [Query] Transcend and Corsair Service center in Bhubaneswar

    I need the location of corsair and Transcend Service center here in Bhubaneswar along with phone numbers Thanks in advance :)
  3. setanjan123

    Samsung b3210 prblm

    Hey guyz i hope dis is the rite section. My cousin has a prblm has a problem wid hs corby txt. The display had malfunctiond so he hd given it s center. Nw mst apps show insufficient memory. Only very small apps such as calcuphone work. Help pls
  4. Z

    Gaming center hardware advice

  5. Skyh3ck

    [Query] MSI and AMD service center query??

    hi My uncles PC is not giving the Video output. hence i think i need to take it to the service center. th mobo is MSI board and the proccy is AMD 555BE Phenom... Can anyone please telll me the address of MSI and AMD service center in Mumbai.. and do they require the original bill or the...
  6. Sujeet

    Zorin:Linux OS That Looks and Behaves Like Windows 7

    Source:Zorin is a Linux OS That Looks and Behaves Like Windows7 Get It Here:http://zorin-os.com/
  7. rezurect007

    Most useful downloads from Microsoft download center?

    Hey guys, What do you think are the most useful downloads from Microsoft? I got tired of browsing their download center.
  8. J

    confused about gaming wheel

    i want to buy racing wheel... plz suggest one....zebronics 100gw or thrugmaster???? which will be the better ??? actually i get frightened that in kolkata there is no service center for thrugmaster .... whereas if something happen then i can give it to service center... zebronics 1000gw will...
  9. L

    [Query] sparkle service center in kolkata?

    can anyone help me?where is the service center of sparkle graphics cards in kolkata?thanks
  10. R

    CM Elite 430 Black - Front Speaker out not working properly

    Hi, My two weeks old CM 430black cabinet's front speaker socket got loose connection. It is not working properly, when i plug the head phone/speaker pin. When i plug it / Adjust it in particular position it is working. (Actually it was my mistake. with the headphone connected i pulled it...
  11. H

    [Complaint] Cheated By Kingston , Suggestion Need

    Hello friends , I got cheated by kingston service center , kingston has outsourced all it's service center to different agency in india , back in 2007 i got a kingston pen drive , within few month it died , then i contacted Kignston on their toll free and registered for rma and they told...
  12. bajaj151

    Alternative to MSI 890GXM-G65

    My Motherboard gone bad & I have sent it to Service Center (via SMC) It's been 7 days without PC :( Service Center have no board available for replacement (as said by SMC) 1) How long does it take MSI to replace/repair a motherboard ? (3-4 days to close RMA..said by Online...
  13. RCuber

    D-Link DSL-2730U ADSL Router Bricked

    Hey Guys, I managed to brick my D-Link DSL-2730U modem/Router :P. wanted to know if its possible to recover the device without sending it to the service center. I bought it two months ago and the warranty is still intact.
  14. tuxybuzz

    OSI Open Source Conference, Bangalore

    Hey all, I was wondering how many of you will be attending this? OSI Days 2011 | November 20-22, 2010 | NIMHANS Convention Center, Banglore Read a full page ad on LFY. Apparently it happens every year. Has anyone attended the past conferences?
  15. nvrmndryo

    How far should I keep Z-5500's subwoofer from my pc ?

    how far should I keep Z-5500's subwoofer from my pc ? should I keep Center channel & control device (with lcd pannel) near my pc ? & if i kept control device and center channel near subwoofer ,will it effect sub or vice versa ?
  16. V

    LG Service Centre Mumbai

    Hi, My LG DVD Writer just stopped working. Its under warranty. Can anyone please let me know LG service center address in mumbai where i can get it repaired/replaced. Regards Vicky
  17. clerkman1612

    Are job placement center useful in getting a better jobs?

    Are job placement center really useful in getting a better job?. I meant by salary,scope n career.:smile: Or we should directly go to companies directly or at least through job sites such as naukri,monster? 3 years ago I was looking for a small job that time. I met 3 or 4 job placement center(I...
  18. sam9s

    Checkout my HTPC powered by XBMC!!!

    Hello friends welcome to Sam's HTPC thread.... Well after 2 weeks of research and development and another week to successfully deploy it, finally completed building MY HTPC, Following is my story and complete built To begin with one might ask with Media players all over the place giving an...
  19. MetalheadGautham

    EFY Tech Center Reviews ?

    I'm planning to do a course in EFY Tech Center on PIC18F and later Advanced RTOS with PIC18F Microcontroller. The former has certification from Microchip, Inc. Anybody attended a course at the EFY Tech Center ? Any reviews about the place ?
  20. C

    Graphics Card suggestion for Gaming Center

    Hello everyone! I am going to create a gaming center and ive decided the following config for the pc's AMD Athlon x3 440 2GB DDR3 1333 Asus M4N68T M Motherboard 500GB HDD 20 inch LED monitor Now im really confused for the GPU. im on a strict budget and i want something cheap yet effective. i...
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