1. M

    [Praise] Logitech KBAM RMA Kolkata

    Hi, Need some information regarding Logitech RMA in Kolkata for Keyboard-Mouse combo. First, do they accept RMA request without original bill? Will they provide warranty based on serial number? Next, where is the service center in Kolkata and what is the process of RMA? Self-delivery or...
  2. A

    Sony 40EX720 service issue

    Hi, I had purchased sony 40EX720 in Oct 2011 and warranty upto Nov 2012. Now, in Mar 2013 the TV started showing double images so service center guy came and he said that the panel needs to be replaced and it will be done free of cost as panel carries 2 years warranty. Is he telling the truth...
  3. G

    About the samsung service center parts?

    Hello, to all of you. I have Samsung Galaxy Tab, some days ago I felt it on the ground its front was broken, now its out of warranty that's why I ordered it from the Service Center, I have asked from the Service Center guy about the ordered part's quality, he told me that I'll get the same...
  4. R

    [Query] Service Center in KOLKATA for Transcend Micro SD Card.

    Hi, I recently purchase a Transcend Micro SD card 32GB and it seems to be not working. Does anyone guide me across as to where is the service center for transcend in Kolkata. Thanks and Regards, rock_dj.
  5. LegendKiller

    Which modem to buy for Airtel Broadband and how to configure?

    I am using airtel broadband for 5 years now and even after getting a new modem from Airtel (Beetel- 110TC1) last october, it has stopped working again. I have a 2mbps plan and want to buy a new modem ASAP, but i have absolutely no knowledge on this front as Airtel used to repair modems when i...
  6. A

    Galaxy SII display crashed. Need Help

    Hi, My Samsung galaxy SII I9100G screen got crashed. I just called the service center in Chennai and they said it cost 6700 bucks to replace it. I would like to know whether i can get it cheaper and genuine screen other than the Samsung authorized service center in Chennai. I thought like they...
  7. blademast3r

    [Complaint] [Solved] DO NOT buy Roccat products in India | Update: Replacement done

    Hi all Here is my experience with Roccat support in India. I had purchased Roccat Kave headphones from nextworld. They were faulty and had a constant static noise on the left speakers. I returned them ASAP. It has now been close to 3 weeks. Every 5 days somebody from the service center keeps...
  8. Skyh3ck

    [Query] G skill Ripjaws service center in Mumbai

    Hi i have 2 x 2 gb gskill ripjaws ram purchased two years back. the ram is not working so i want to claim warranty on it. can anyone plese suggest me where is the service center for this ram in mumbai
  9. A

    [Query] sapphire service center

    hey is there any sapphire service center in pune note:- sapphire technology which makes graphics card
  10. AVSEQ

    HTC service center in Mumbai

    Hi guys, I need to take my HTC Mozart to service center. Can anyone tell me the current address for HTC service center in Mumbai? Thanks. :-)
  11. S

    Motherboard repairing shop in Kolkata

    Hi, does anyone know of any reliable motherboard repairing shops in kolkata? my desktop's mobo died a few days back and the service center won't service it as it's out of warranty :-(
  12. S

    Wahl service center in chennai

    Hi, I need to service my "Moser profiline hair clipper Type 1400". Can anyone please let me know if there is any service center available in Chennai who can do service or provide replacement under the warranty. Thanks in advance
  13. S

    Wahl service center in chennai

    Hi, I need to service my "Moser profiline hair clipper Type 1400". Can anyone please let me know if there is any service center available in Chennai who can do service or provide replacement under the warranty. Thanks in advance
  14. V

    Demo piece check?

    How to enter the service menu of 32HX 750 to see the usage hours. Also what are the other ways to check that the t.v i bought is a new one not a demo unit...though i bought it from a sony center listed on sony india's site. Is buying from a sony center not enough? :confused: Sent from my HTC...
  15. M

    COWON service center in Kolkata........

    Hi guys......can any one tell me If there is any service centers of COWON in Kolkata???If yes, where is it????If no, what do i do if i face problems with my COWON product???
  16. AVSEQ

    Seagate Service Center

    Anyone knows the current location of Seagate service center in Mumbai?
  17. R

    G400 Cable Replacement

    Hi All, I have the Logitech G400 Gaming mouse. It used by 10months now. Currently there is a cut in the center of the cable. Called service center as they told it is not possible to replace the cable and it is a waste now. Is anybody suggest any alternative for the cable. Thanks, Mani
  18. A

    Problem with Asus 1225c Laptop

    Hi Folks, I'm facing problem with my netbook Asus 1225c. It's not turning on once I shut down it. After 20 min when I press the power bettow it will start normally. Initially it is working fine,from last 10 days I'm facing this problem. Planning to take it to Service center its still under...
  19. H

    large size 3D TV

    large size 3D TV for a convention center?
  20. mandarpalshikar

    [Complaint] Service by ASUS for Maximus V Gene

    DIMM slots B1 & B2 stopped working on my Asus Maximus V Gene motherboard suddenly after I upgraded from Core i3-2100 CPU to Core i5-3570K on 27th July. Searched VIP and ROG forums and found that this is widespread problem all across the world. Tried many things like restting CMOS, Manually...
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