Are job placement center useful in getting a better jobs?

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Are job placement center really useful in getting a better job?. I meant by salary,scope n career.:smile: Or we should directly go to companies directly or at least through job sites such as naukri,monster?
3 years ago I was looking for a small job that time. I met 3 or 4 job placement center(I don't remember exact number). 2 were asking for joining fees.And I also heard from somewhere that most of them r fraud and they("fraud ones" job placement centers) claim that there is no need for interview for getting a job.
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The job placement centers who say that there is no need for an interview, and those who want fees even before joining are all frauds. Better to stay away from them and if possible using reference persons.


There are few like Shredds, Ma Foi, eLitmus who are surely genuine.

Stay away if any one ask money for attending interview.


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I agree with most of the points above. However it is also a reality there are many companies who do not entertain walk-in's. They prefer when somebody is referring you either a consultancy or some existing employee.

And you thing you cant stress more is..
The moment they ask you for single penny you know they are fraud.


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My friend once introduced me to Randstad, who are actually a HR Consulting firm. They will test you and interview you and provide you with prospects.

If you lack skills or experience, they will train you and give you contract work in other companies.


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IN US Companies pay recruiters, who then find appropriate candidates from sites like Indeeddotcom.You do not need to pay anything.But in India, I guess , when someone asks for money upfront, it should probably be a scam.Yesterday my friend tried to apply to middle east region via recruiting but he has to gave up of exhorbitant initial fees.
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