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  1. R

    starlite ram service center ??

    hii... my ram is not working properly. can anyone please tell me d address of 'starlite' service center in kolkata..? :unsure:
  2. G

    BD/DVD drive spindle missing

    Hi, I have a sony laptop FW 390 which came along with Blu Ray Writer. Recently the CD spindle(the black one in the center which a Disc Snaps on and rotates once inside the CD/DVD/BD Drive) in the tray gone missing. I am pretty sure that it should have fall inside (when I took the CD it did...
  3. R

    Chennai Gaming Center

    Hello guys .. Am raju Am planning to setup a LAN gaming center in Besant nagar. My plan is to form a strong game freaks team in chennai and to provide cheap and high end gaming.. i would like to speak up with Game pros and consultants.. Any Help, suggestions.... Plz do mail me. 'll join and...
  4. G

    BD drive spindle missing

    Hi, I have a sony laptop FW 390 which came along with Blu Ray Writer. Recently the CD spindle(the black one in the center which a Disc Snaps on and rotates once inside the CD/DVD/BD Drive) in the tray gone missing. I am pretty sure that it should have fall inside (when I took the CD it did...
  5. R

    Geeks,Help me to buy 5.1 speakers around 5k

    Hi Geeks. I m new here. I Hope that u all help me. I m going to buy 5.1 speakers for my pc. I searched net and found 3 Models. 1. Creative Inspire T6200 : 7.5 watt satelites x 18 watt center x 22 watt woofer 2. Logitech X540 : 7.4 watt satelites x 15 watt center x 25 watt woofer...
  6. A

    Archos Centre in India

    I just saw an awesome Archos 101 Internet Tablet. ARCHOS Its going to be released in October and my friend is getting it from US. but I would like to know whether Archos has any service center or anything in India for support just in case something goes wrong after its purchase?
  7. J

    adamant macafee

    I am repeatedly failing to remove all macafee files in order to install kespersky 2010 antivirus online. the message shows macafee security center with virusscan12.1msc vscleanup tool.zip does not work
  8. S

    !!!!Urgent help needed!!! Maples in Chennai

    Hello friends, I have completed my B.E computer science and engineering and like to do a course on IBM main frame application programming. Please share about your views on scope of that course. There is a center in chennai called "MAPLES ESM Technology". The website is India's #1...
  9. Rahim

    Ubuntu Control Center (ucc) - Simple tool for ubuntu administration

    Ubuntu Control Center Ubuntu Control Center or UCC is an application inspired by Mandriva Control Center and aims to centralize and organize in a simple and intuitive form the main configuration tools for Ubuntu distribution. UCC uses all the native applications already bundled with Ubuntu...
  10. Cilus

    ati display driver has stopped responding

    Hi Guys, Whenever I'm trying to play some games like COD6, Borderland or Fallout 3, I the monitor gets blanked and when coming back to windows, I'm getting the message "ati display driver has stopped responding and has recovered". Currently I'm using Win 7 64 bit ultimate and Catalyst Control...
  11. fun2sh

    acer laptop and big trouble , urgent help needed

    please see the update first for those who have already read this post at bottom of this post , Guys , i bought acer 5740g with 1 gb hd 5650 card on 23rd feb , but the new lappy had gpu fault (see this thread Acer 5740G issues , must see !!) . i gave it back to the acer mall dealer , he...
  12. maddy_in65

    Default Need help choosing CCNA center in pune

    Guys i am thinking to complete CCNA certification. I have some doubts. What is the cost for the total course including certification exam. Any good coaching center in pune. I heard a lot about Seed infotech, how it is. What is the duration of the coruse. Thanks in advance.
  13. desiibond

    Windows 7 Media Center review (engadget)

    source: http://www.engadgethd.com/2009/07/27/windows-7-media-center-review/ conclusion: Once you switch to Windows 7 Media Center there is no going back. It might not seem like that much at first, but when you try to go back to Vista or even another solution like Moxi or TiVo, it is like going...
  14. paroh

    Please suggest a laptop prefer HP

    Suggest a laptop prefer (HP) and price between Rs.45000 to Rs 50000 and processor core 2 duo 2GHZ or more. 3GB DDR2 RAM. 250GB hard disk. AND Is there is much difference in laptop prices in usa and india?? As after sale service of HP is very good and there is also a service center in INDIA...
  15. desiibond

    First ATI drivers for Windows 7 (official drivers)

    ATI Catalyst™ 9.7 – AMD’s first official unified Windows7 / Windows Vista Microsoft WHQL certified graphics driver for the Windows 7 RTM AMD has delivered its first official unified WHQL certified graphics driver designed for the Windows 7 RTM (Release To Manufacturing) ATI Catalyst™ 9.7...
  16. G

    Ext HDD Device not recognized

    I have 160 GB Primary IDE external Hard drive. The disc created bad sector few months ago and i recovered all the data using some Backup softwares. After data recovery i gave the hard disk to Seagate customer care center. They serviced it and returned back. After that whenever I try to connect...
  17. D

    My recent experience with Dell and SE

    Hi, posting in TD forum after long time I want share my experience with you all. I dont hate above brand. I in fact love Sony and Dell and you can call me a SE fan boy( all my last three fones are SE). Regarding dell, I love apple more. so things said i will give you my experience. Story 1...
  18. V

    Z-5500 not working

    I purchased Logitech's Z5500 speakers a few months ago from a local retailer. But a few days back it has suddenly stopped working. The entire unit is not turning on no matter what I do. There is absolutely no light showing anywhere. I have checked all the connections, all the power connections...
  19. R

    free airtel message center number

    hi!! can any body give me message center numbers for airtel to send free sms. PLz post numbers which are tried by you guys. I am presently in karnataka..
  20. P

    Samsung L700 Password Lost

    I somehow forgot my password and now i can not start my samsung L700 mobile phone. Can any one help unlocking my phone without going to any service center. thanks in advance ...
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