[Complaint] Cheated By Kingston , Suggestion Need


Broken In
Hello friends ,
I got cheated by kingston service center ,
kingston has outsourced all it's service center to different agency in india ,
back in 2007 i got a kingston pen drive , within few month it died , then i contacted Kignston on their toll free and registered for rma and they told me go to such place ,
they took my pen drive and said that you will get a replacement after 30 days i waited ,
they gave me a pen drive ,
next time when this pen drive died , i went to different service center and they said it's a counterfeit and said they cannot resolve the matter , then i contacted head office in mumbai , they said to send them the pen drive and they will resolve the matter, i did as they told me i sent the pen drive and after that there is no response from them it has been 2 weeks since then .:???:

and i have no idea what to do now . It's not about getting a new pen drive ,
i have spend 2 times the actual cost of the pen drive on courier . It's about service, if i have had a 15k ssd and if that had failed they would have treated me like this .

so friends help me what to do ?
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