1. M

    Motorola - Worst after sales service

    Dear friends, I purchased Moto-G from flipkart in March 2014, after some days I felt sound quality through ear-piece is not good, slowly it deteriorated to extent that I could not understand most of conversations. I tried factory reset two time, but it could not help. So I went to Local...
  2. aaruni

    [Query] Laptop for service

    Need to get my laptop (HP-Pavilion-G6) to a service center, the RAM slot seems to be faulty, a tad bit too thin to fit a memory module. Need to get it to a service center the next weekend. Any known malpractices I should be aware of ?
  3. P

    catalyst control center cannot be started

    i bought new PC and my config is g2020 - 3.3k gigabyte h61m s1 -3.1k kingston hyperx blu 4gb - 2.8k r7 240 1gb ddr5-5.1k after installing "r7 240 1gb ddr5 (sapphire)" CD . when i click for graphics (Catalyst control center) getting error message as:- "catalyst control center cannot...
  4. mrinmoy

    Transcend service center in Kolkata

    Can anybody tell me, where is the service center for transcend pendrives? I googled and most link says Accel Frontline. I called them and they says that they does not give service for transcend pendrives. Also there is no info in transcend India website.:-x
  5. G

    Need Very Urgent Help - Samsung Mobile - Replaced Pba

    Hello, to all of you. I have Galaxy S3 phone, actually some days ago, its motherboard gone kaput, I contacted the service center, but they told me that it is not available, then I contacted the Ceo office of the Samsung, they told me that they will arrange the motherboard, when the...
  6. B


    hi guys i want to dual boot with windows 7 and a media center os(like xbmc) plz help
  7. A

    How upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8

    Since last few years I am using Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 (64 Bit) and now I want to upgrade it to Windows 8 Pro With media center (64 Bit)can any one know's how to perform it.
  8. s0rdfish

    My Micromax A110 not detecting in computer

    Hello all 1st off wishing u all happy new year 2014 Friends my issue is that i am not able to connect my mobile to computer its not detecting in computer when i connect it keeps charging like how it charges when it is plugged into current to charge. i am not able to transfer anything from my...
  9. C

    Advice for New Phablet and Samsung note II queries.

    Hi guys, Some days back while I was updating My Note II , through kies, the mobile was stuck in between and rebooted. From then, when ever I try to boot its not booting at all , not even the welcome screen of Samsung is showing up. Also the mobile is not even booting to recovery mode. I...
  10. V

    [Complaint] Horrible experiences with Accel/Gigabyte

    Hello folks, In this thread I would like to share my experience with Accel which manages RMA for Gigabyte. A year & half ago, when building my new AMD rig, I chose motherboard from Gigabyte as after sales service was quite good compared to others. Instant refurbished replacements were...
  11. Moy

    [Query] HCL Service center?

    Can anybody provide me the address of ''HCL service center'' for ''HCL Desktop''? Please, it is urgent. :-(
  12. G

    Need HELP regarding Mohterboard Replacement- Lenovo Y500

    Hello Everyone, I bought a Lenovo y500 on 18th june,2013 and faced problem after 2 days.I have my laptop in service center from then till now.but yesterday they called and told me that 5 parts( including mother board,lower case,hinges,led cable,led panel) had been...
  13. N

    F&D F5090 5.1 Multimedia Speakers

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a FENDA aka F&D F5090 5.1 speaker set for my pc. The purchase price was Rs.11000 from a local store. I bought it mainly for music and some surround movies. Here are its specs: Subwoofer Frequency response:20Hz~120Hz Satellite Frequency...
  14. P

    [URGENT] Optimus L9 Suddenly Dead !!!

    Hi Guys , My Optimus L9 is not booting up . Heck it is not even responding , while connecting to computer or charging it is not even vibrating . And all this happened suddenly , Phone had around 80% battery , I kept it at my office desk and after 15 minutes when I tried to unlock it , it...
  15. R

    (RMA) Gigabyte Enquiry

    hello all I am buying a M.B for my friend from flipkart and I would like to know who is authorized RMA service center for Gigabyte. and are they available in kannur.kerala if not available how should I RMA incase problems arrise
  16. Moy

    [Query] Edifier service center in kolkata

    Can anybody tell me if there is any 'Edifier' service center in kolkata? If yes, then please provide the address please..
  17. amjath

    WWE Discussion Thread

    Hi WWE fans, Instead of having separate thread for PPV [pay-per-view] like wrestlemania threads, here is a new thread to discuss WWE PPV's as well as Weekly episodes like RAW and Smackdown. Unlike PPV/show discussions other discussion can be included like discussing about WWE pro wrestling...
  18. G

    Sony Xperia L : Display not working fine

    Hi, I'd bought a new Xperia L on Monday from ,it got delivered yesterday .The box was seal packed.After opening it and switching on the phone, there was some problem in the display ,there are some white lines and part of the screen is white :cry:. I'd called the seller and he asked me...
  19. gameranand

    [Query] WD RMA Enquiry

    My recent WD Black Edition 2 TB HDD is not able to install OS on it so I am going for RMA but the problem is that now their site mentions that I have to personally send the product to their service center. Is it true that thye changed their warranty policies because previously their courier guy...
  20. Moy

    [Query] ASUS Optical Drive Service Center

    On 14th march 2013 I brought an ASUS Optical Drive from Vedant computers. Now the optical drive is not detecting any DVD or CD. Can anybody provide me service center for ASUS Optical Drive? There is two service center of asus written behind bill 1st. Digicom Complete Solution LTD...
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