1. cacklebolt

    How do i convince my dad????

    hello guys i want to know from you how should i convince my father to port from CDMA to GSM and to sell his old SAMSUNG GALAXY POP CDMA bought last october and get a new SONY XPERIA MIRO.... he always says he will use a phone for atleast 2 and 1/2 years before buying a new phone... not against...
  2. cacklebolt

    Exchange and new phone

    hello... my dad currently owns a samsung galaxy pop cdma... he wants to experience 3g on cdma but unfortunately those services are pathetic here... so he has planned to sell it off by diwali and get a new droid... Possible Targets: Sony Xperia Tipo Karbonn A9 Samsung Galaxy Chat LG...
  3. ssk_the_gr8

    GSM + CDMA phone

    1. Budget? want to spend the minimum amount. 2k, maybe 3k 2. Display type and size? any 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? any 4. Preferred choice of brand? prefer international brands but willing to consider indian ones 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad...
  4. a_medico

    CDMA handsets in India

    Why these guys don't take cdma market so seriously? Don't they get much profit in it? While GSM services roll out one handsets after another, the best cdma handset available on cdma in India (on tata cdma) is still Samsung Galaxy Pop! This is quite frustrating.
  5. izzikio_rage

    Samsung Galaxy pop CDMA (I559) advise

    Hello I had purchased a Galaxy Pop CDMA (SCH-I559) some time back and am really enjoying the android experience. By now I finally managed to build up the guts to root my phone and try to update it a little and needed some help' 1) The internal memory (phone memory) in this phone is very...
  6. T

    S2 Epic touch 4g CDMA Vs LG Thrill

    Hi, Got a S2 Epic touch 4g CDMA, now trying to unlock it for reliance. The person who unlocks offered me a trade - S2 cdma for LG thrill GSM. I saw LG thrill specs and review on net, but am confused. -- S2 I have to stick with Reliance and not sure about the network when changing the phone...
  7. T

    S2 Epic touch 4g CDMA

    S2 Epic touch 4g CDMA Vs LG Thrill (Updated) I found someone who can unlock it for reliance, but he gave an option so that i can trade S2 CDMA for LG thrill GSM. - S2 I have to stick with Reliance and not sure about the network when changing the phone in future? (Currently on Airtel gsm...
  8. socrates

    Tata Indicom is now Tata Docomo
  9. gurujee

    BEST dual sim CDMA +GSM phone

    friends, want to have a CDMA phone but would be great if it can be dual gsm+cdma slot phone ? or it be wise to go for single sim cdma ? how is Videocon VC1424 Videocon VC1424: Mobile
  10. int86

    Wanna buy CDMA

    I need to buy a CDMA set with NO qwerty pad. Only requirement is sleek designe and battery life. Price should be in 3k-4k. Thinner the better. suggestion are welcome.
  11. A

    Unlocked CDMA data card

    want a cdma data card......unlocked at a very low price. thanks
  12. A

    Thinking of buying Samsung Mpower Txt M369 CDMA, any suggestion??

    Hey Guys, I am think of buying Samsung Mpower Txt M369 CDMA phone. HAs anyone used this phone. Digit has not yet tested this phone. Samsung Mpower Txt M369 - Overview - Samsung Mobile India So i want suggestion on this phone. At reliance web world it is priced at 6200. Waiting for suggestion...
  13. S

    CDMA phone!!!

    hi guys, i m having a haire cdma phone for my i want to change my operator with reliance or mts but i dont want to change my phone. is it possible to do so self unlocking or i hv to visit a mobile vendor for that......if its possible then plz tell me how??
  14. yomanabhi

    Need a cdma mobile form us to work in india

    I wanna buy a android mobile of budget 12k-13k. I checked some us mobiles sites, i find iphone, sony xperis arc, xperia play. I got a great shock when i found that these cdma mobiles of only $200 = Rs 10000. My relatives lives in USA. I wanna know that Can these cdma work in india?? can I...
  15. gagan007

    CDMA Handset Suggestion Required

    Mobile Number Portability is here. I want to change my service provider from Vodafone to Reliance. I want to keep this number as I am using it for past 6 years. As I am heavy texter, so Reliance's 1ps/sms plan is really superb for me, plus they charge all outgoings on roaming@ 50ps/min. It is no...
  16. T

    CDMA QWERTY Phone ........!

    :!: I wanna buy CDMA phone with qwerty keypad..... which is the best phone with more features..... like internet... it may be dual sim or tripple sim..... anybody help on this topic.....
  17. S

    Recommend a multi-media feature rich CDMA phone.

    Suggest me a phone <= 10k: CDMA, Multimedia feature rich, good screen. Social Networking, connectivity - not a criteria. Thanks :)
  18. S

    cdma phone

    if i insert any cdma sim in any cdma handset,the set is blocked for only that sim.but how can i unblock that phone to reinsert other cdma sim...plz plz reply........
  19. max_demon

    LG RD2530 Reliance CDMA mobile phone Restart/Blinking Problem .

    Hello dear friends my trusty old reliance cdma 2530 phone from LG was showing unusal problem , when i start up everytime it displays the RIM logo and restarts again . i have found that unlocking and flashing may solve the problem but i am unaware where i could get some softwares for it , i also...
  20. max_demon

    Reliance CDMA Querry

    Hello friends my Reliance CDMA phone also went dead , it was normally useless set but the phone number was very important to me . what is the procedure to get the phone number back and how much it will cost?
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