1. topgear

    Reliance CDMA and 4G Migration Woes

    I'm from Reliance Kolkata CDMA Circle. CDMA service stopped on 24th May .. Now I've one ages old Reliance CDMA phone [ Nokia 2112 ] - 10 years and still kicking :D It has In built / Non removable SIM card or It's a Operator locked phone. Anyway, you can't put a sim card into this phone. Now...
  2. sudhir_3193

    cdma phones

    Hey guys, kindly suggest good cdma phone for 2000rs. It should be cdma gsm (dual sim), preferably from Nokia or any reputed brand. Thanks.
  3. M

    CDMA phone suggestion required

    1. Budget? : 12k (15k max if it is worth) 2. Display type and size? : 5"- 5.5". 3. Dual sim? Not Necessary 4. Preferred choice of brand? No 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Nothing in particular 6. Preferred operating system? (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc)...
  4. sshaggy

    Need suggestion for a sim based CDMA phone

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent CDMA handset which can work with tata indicom sim card. It seems that CDMA is a dying breed, and I'm the only few of the people who is using it. There are lack of resources and reviews. I have been carrying two phones since as long as I can remember. One for talking...
  5. A

    Cdma smartphone within 15k budget

    Hello digitians, I am searching a cdma smartphone within Rs 15,000 for my friend's dad. I know that not many options are available for cdma smartphones. Also, a local mobile retailer is selling cdma motorola moto g gen 1 for 15.5k, is it a good price? Do moto g come in cdma variant...
  6. V

    can i import a phone from usa? how much will it cost and what to buy?

    hi i am a cdma user in india of tata indicom,as india dont have many cdma phones so thought of importing one no my questions are 1. cdma frequency in india is 800,sprint and virgin provide same frequency and is it cdma? 2 my relative live there so thinking of first buying from to...
  7. H

    WCDMA and CDMA

    Are WCDMA and CDMA different tech ? Many dual sim phones say GSM + WCDMA . Does this mean its a GSM and CDMA (reliance) compatible phone ? For eg, the Xiomi Redmini note , the new launch one on FlipKart states that it is GSM + WCDMA. Would this accept CDMA (reliance) sim ???
  8. coolnikhil

    CDMA Mobile with budget of 30-35k

    Hey guys.. I need a CDMA mobile for my dad for his Tata indicom sim. My budget is about 30 to 35k. Is iPhone available in india having support for CDMA sim.? Anyone pls rply...
  9. D

    Dual Sim (CDMA/+GSM) Android 4x phone

    1. Budget 10K, maybe slightly more, certainly not more than 15K 2. Display type and size - at least 4" 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip - Anything is ok 4. Preferred choice of brand - Nothing specific, can also look at Indian brands (Micromax, Lava, Xolo etc) 5. Preferred input method...
  10. sahil1033

    Does TP-LINK TL-WN821N support BSNL EVDO?

    I'm willing to buy TP-LINK TL-WN821N but i'm afraid that it won't support BSNL EVDO. Help needed ASAP.
  11. V

    Android CDMA + GSM Dual sim ** with call recorder**

    Hello Friends, Want to buy Android CDMA + GSM Dual sim cell phone. 1. With call recording option. 2. Under 15000/- Suggest which mobile to buy.
  12. I

    HTC desire C vs HTC one V ( Reliance CDMA ) + what is CDMA ? is it beneficial ?

    My budget is around 10k I am getting the desire C for Rs.10,625 Brand New Original & Sealed HTC Desire C A320e - white color | eBay And the HTC one V (reliance CDMA ) for Rs.8,790 HTC One V [ Brand New in Sealed Box ] Android , 3G , Beats Audio [ CDMA ] | eBay So which one should i go for ...
  13. bad_till_bones

    Android based GSM + CDMA set

    Hi Friends, Please suggest me an Android based GSM + CDMA handset. Budget maximum - 10k. Thanks.
  14. S

    Portable Router for BSNL EVDO (UE100) ?

    Suggest me a Portable Router For BSNL EVDO (Prithivi UE100 Data card). Is Tp link MR 3040 works with it? other pocket router ??
  15. bad_till_bones

    Dual Sim Active - GSM + CDMA - Need Confirmation

    I saw on the Samsung website that the Samsung Primo Duos SCH-W279 handset is Dual Active. I hope from Dual Active they mean - I can put a call on the GSM SIM "ON HOLD" & attend the call on CDMA SIM at the same time and vice-versa. Can anyone confirm this? or please suggest me any other...
  16. bad_till_bones

    GSM + CDMA Mobile Set

    Hi guys, Please suggest me a good n cheap GSM + CDMA dual-sim mobile handset. Nothing specific, but I only need this - I should be able to switch calls. Like put the call on Airtel (GSM) ON HOLD & pick the Reliance (CDMA) one n vice-versa. And, if I am correct, this feature is called -...
  17. cacklebolt

    Sudden thought

    My dad is a CDMA user and currently uses a Galaxy Pop Cdma, which is 13 months old. We know that there is a shortage of good cdma phones in india whereas in the US, all flagships have cdma versions for cdma carriers like Verizon and Sprint. So if i bought suppose a Galaxy Nexus CDMA from...
  18. guykawak

    Galaxy Nexus Query

    I was looking to buy a GNex device, as it comes with clean Android experience and timely updates. The GSM version is limited to 14 GB of non expandable storage but the CDMA one has 28 GB of free space. So is it better to go for the CDMA device and do these imported phones work well with our...
  19. S

    CDMA phone under 7K!!

    Hi, >>I want to buy a CDMA phone in under 7K INR. Please suggest me a good one with touchscreen option. >>Also I want to ask if UMTS/WCDMA is same as CDMA 1X or not? Since WCDMA is available in Nokia asha 311, I'm not sure if I can use CDMA sim on this mobile. Please help.
  20. S

    CDMA + GSM dual mobile around 5-7K !

    Hey guys, need a CDMA + GSM dual mobile phone. Budget is 5-7K INR. Will be using Tata Indicom cdma, no issues with internet/3g support on cdma/gsm, touchscreen not an issue. Must have camera + bluetooth. please suggest a good one. Thanks.
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