1. D

    Bought the new Micromax Gravity GC700

    Was using the Fly Duo B720 CDMA + GSM phone (costed 8.5k then) with Tata Indicom and Aircel for the past 1 year. I thought that this is as good as a Dual sim can get until I found some shortcomings like NO Java. I mean that is insane. Even phones costing under 3k are Java enabled. But lived with...
  2. E

    Need a CDMA phone

    Hello friends, I'm looking out for a CDMA phone for my father. He has a Reliance connection. He is not much into music. But he does like taking pics and videos from his phone. So I'm in search of a phone that looks stylish and has a decent cam+ it shud be easy to operate + it shud have memory...
  3. izzikio_rage

    CDMA phone for upto 6000

    guys pls suggest a CDMA phone (reliance) for upto 6000......
  4. S

    using separate connection for separate browser

    i have cdma wireless net and a broadband internet connection... is it possible to use cdma internet for ie and may be broadband connecton for firefox....when both are connected.... now when both are connected cdma internet is both i dont want combined bandwidth or so...but i...
  5. esumitkumar

    Hows Samsung MAX CDMA ?

    Hi I have been zeroing on Samsung Max CDMA ..Is it a good phone ? I want to use it with TATA ...Hows the music player and battery backup of phone ? Any digitian who has used Max can advice me plzzzzzzzzz ! :) Hows Spice C810 as compared with it ?
  6. kumarmohit

    MTNL launches CDMA Data Card - Unltd Plan @ 300 + taxes

    More info here *
  7. N

    Plz suggest CDMA low end phone, long talk time

    Hello everyone. I need the cheapest CDMA phone which has the longest talk time. My only considerations are:- 1. Long Talk Time. I dont have TV to pass time. And this is the first time i am away from my family and GF 2. Strong Signal Reception. Both Tata and RIM sucks for their network...
  8. BSOD

    Reliance CDMA Mobile

    Which is the best Reliance CDMA mobile available in the range Rs. 8000 - 12000? Does any CDMA mobile that Reliance provides have GPS?
  9. S

    BSNL Unlimited (CDMA -144 kbps) Internet for Rs.250 Per Month

    BSNL Unlimited (CDMA -144 kbps) Internet for Rs.250 Per Month hi friennd i want to know detail about that plan can we connet remote pc with that? can we voice chat? Thanks
  10. A

    FS: Spice 88n Cellphone with Warranty

    Hi I have Spice D88n cellponde for Sale. It is bought in Jun'08 and I have the Orig Bill & warranty. It has Bluetooth, 256MB Mini SD Card, 2 Batteries, Charger, Data Cable & Handsfree and also the orig Box. It is Dual Mode Handset - works on CDMA & GSM simultaneously. I am asking Rs...
  11. V

    usb cdma modam

    hi guys next weak i am visiting tiwan . I want to know that if i buy any cdma modam from there will it be compact able with reliance, Bsnl or garuda in india. please reply me at
  12. J

    help me wid cdma phone

    hey frns i want to buy a cdma handset of motorola ........... can nybody suggest me a mobile......... if not moto suggest me d other ......but wid big screen.....
  13. T

    mms help

    hi frnds i m using lg rd 3100 cdma can i receive mms on this mobile
  14. Y

    How can i hack CDMA fone to GSM?

    I plannin to buy one Virgin Mobile (CDMA) but its cheap and good. But i think after some months/year .. I'll probably want to switch to other.. so is there a way to hack the phone (CDMA) into GSM?;-)
  15. esumitkumar

    CDMA with longest battery backup ?

    hi guys plz suggest a CDMA phone with longest battery backup ...shud have handsfree..req usage : only talk and SMS ..intend to use with TATA indicom.. TIA Sumit
  16. S

    i need your suggestions plz its urgent

    hi every1 people i want to buy a n93i phone plz tell me, is this phone better than n73 or n70? so should i buy this or try smthing else. 1 more, thing is this works on cdma and gsm both or not?
  17. C

    Reliable CDMA Mobile within 2K

    Hi guys I need a new Reliance CDMA handset for office purpose. My old Nokia 3125 has died and need a good cheap and best option. The only things it'll be used for are receiving and making calls and the occasional SMS. The only criteria is it should have atleast average network, looks and...
  18. T

    Post all BSNL CDMA IX 2000 internet

    BSML have recently lunched 2.4Mbps internet at Rs.250/month. It is EVDO system a wirelles connectivity. Just like Tata's and reliance plug to surf. It is a portable USB modem. It uses IX 2000 CDMA (WLL). It is the cheapest internet plan. For image of the device...
  19. T

    Nokia cdma phone price

    Guys I am planning to buy a cdma phone for use with reliance. Please suggest me some phones and prices. not looking for too costly onces. I do not want any features like camera, fm or stuff I would prefer a good speaker phone model preferably with a flip.
  20. G

    Airtel EDGE or BSNL CDMA internet

    Please suggest whether one should go for Airtel EDGE Mobile office or BSNL CDMA unlimited internet or any ather broadband.please give your openion.
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