1. utsav

    suggest a good cdma phone under 3k

    my tata phone recently got damaged:( and i need a phone temporaily so i am not investing much in sim card is plz suggest a CDMA phone under 3k .FM not required.and i want internet connectivity to use it on my pc if possible. plz help:confused:
  2. din

    BSNL Unlimited (CDMA -144 kbps) Internet for Rs.250 Per Month

    EDIT - 1.Please see my post in page 2 for the data card experience 2. Have a look at - * too - the un-official website of BSNL Data Card. Updates - July 2 2009 1. BSNL offers roaming facility on PCMCIA type of NIC/EVDO cards. 2. Promotional Offe - BSNL...
  3. Gigacore

    Which was ur 1st Cell Phone?

    Which was the first cell phone u got first time in ur life? The fone which u wondered at..... the phone which made u mobile :D My First Cellphone was LG RD 2030 CDMA from Reliance.
  4. esumitkumar

    Best CDMA handset in Tata Indicom ?

    Hi Guys Which is the best CDMA available in TATA POstpaid . Qualities I want : 1. Good Battery backup 2. With handsfree Preferably Nokia ..thanks
  5. J

    For Sale: Nokia 2865 CDMA

    For Sale: Nokia 2865 CDMA Used For: 5 months. Bought: Last week of November, 2006 Reason for Sale: Going for a PDA phone. Condition: Brand New (like). Meaning - you will NOT be able to find any scratches on the phone. Comes with a Scratchgard Screen Protector which I applied the day I...
  6. E

    Reliance CDMA Internet V/S Tata Indicom CDMA Internet

    My Airtel Mobile Office speeds are pathetic and they have a proxy system which makes same IP for all Airtel Mobile Office users, The speeds I receive is 6-7 KBps max., my network area does not have EDGE enabled :( , I tried my friends Reliance CDMA and it is much better then Airtel, speeds were...
  7. V

    Why is it dangerous to use mobile phones at fuel stations?

    Why is it dangerous? Is it same for GSM or CDMA.
  8. din

    BSNL CDMA - Any Experience / Suggestions ?

    . I searched in the forum but couldn't find any info .. Any suggestions / experience on BSNL CDMA ? I mean for internet Their promo plan is good, just 150 for unlimited net (Reliance chanrge is 10 times - thats 1500). But any idea on speed and theres chance they will increase it soon rt...
  9. Y

    LG6230 mobile phone. CDMA - Reliance.

    i just changed from my LG2130 to LG6230 mobile phone. CDMA - Reliance. However many of the RWorld services are not available on this phone - even published in RIL mobile phone matrix. I do not know why then there is so much of advt. and temptations given for changing over to the "latest" mobile...
  10. V


    hi ppl r there ne cdma phones that run on symbian series60? r there ne plans to introduce such phones plz reply
  11. iinfi

    When will WI-MAX come to India?

    Any one has any idea when Wi-Max would come to India?? Can we use the existing GSM and CDMA fones for high speed connectivity through Wi-Max when ever it comes ??
  12. A

    CDMA Conversion (RIM to Tata Indicom)

    Guys, any idea about converting CDMA phone from Reliance to Tata. Not sure if it is legal, but I know this happens all at backdoor. IM me in case you have any ideas.
  13. S

    CDMA or GSM which 1 better?

    CDMA or GSM which 1 better?
  14. R

    Mobile Technologies

    From the heavy cordless phones of the 1980's to the smart phones of today, cellular phone technology has undergone a tremendous change. But have you ever wondered how you can call someone across the world using a tiny phone? You might have heard of features like WAP and GPRS from cell phone...
  15. hafees

    About LG RD 6130 Reliance CDMA phone

    Hi :) i want to buy a reliance cdma phone with camera. and i found that lg RD 6130 suits my budget. but i dont know about the performance and features. please comment about this phone. or suggest me one
  16. T

    Please tell me difference between CDMA and GSM ..

    I just want to know the basic difference between gsm and cdma technology?I want to know the whole details.Pls help me out anyone. Edited Batty
  17. B

    "cdma to gsm" is it possible??

    hi all, people hav been talkin bout converting cdma phones to gsm lately............can they be done?? anybody seen a nokia 2280 converted into a gsm phone? this was really buggin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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